Percussa Super Signal Processor Update: New Envelope Follower & Sequencer Features!

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The newest update for the Super Signal Processor Eurorack module features a new advanced programmable enveloper follower and new step sequencer features!

The Super Signal Processor (SSP) is a sound synthesis platform in Eurorack format, based on a powerful quad-core ARM Cortex A17 processor. Compared to individual function based Eurorack modules, the SSP can be everything in one module: oscillator, filter, envelope, LFO’s, sequencer etc. Also it includes a granular sampler engine that is part in the SYNTH ANATOMY’s Best Hardware Granular Synth list.

On the connection side, it features 16 input channels and 8 output channels, USB host & device ports, and a microSD card slot. The SSP is a cool module as the developer regularly updates it with new features that makes the module even stronger.

The new update 26082018 features a brand new enveloper follower, new features in the step sequencer, workflow improvements and bugfixes. The envelope follower is a quad follower with 4 inputs and 4 envelope outputs with individual signal detectors. Beside the new envelope follower, the SSP step sequences includes new features (two new outputs…) that makes the sequencing faster.

New envelope follower module

We implemented the envelope follower module as planned and voted on in the kickstarter campaign 🙂 The envelope follower is a quad-follower, which means it has 4 inputs, and 4 envelope outputs. Besides classic envelope following with adjustable attack/release (in milliseconds) it also detects if a signal crosses a threshold and can output a gate signal when this happens. There are 4 detectors built into the envelope follower, so you have 4 envelope outputs and 4 gate outputs. 

New Step Sequencer Features

Step sequencer now has two new outputs, L1 and L2. These output the last step value, when respectively G1 or G2 was high. The duration parameter now changes the duration of the G1 and G2 signal, still output via G1 and G2, and does not change the duration of the step value(s) anymore. These changes were made to make step sequence programming faster and easier for melodic lines (@ivans). We provide a preset above where the step seq is used with an envelope and LFO that demonstrates how to use these new outputs.

Preset Renaming Improvements

We changed the preset renaming code so longer names, spaces and capitals can be used. Characters can be capitalized by pressing the 2nd encoder. Also fixed a bug where the first encoder value would jump after renaming. Thanks to @BrettSaberhagen @NeilParfitt and others for the suggestions and feedback. Bug fix in patch grid. Fixed a bug in the erase grid feature in the patcher grid. 

The new Percussa SSP update is available now free of charge for existing users!

More information here: Percussa SSP

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