N-Track Released Audioroute For Android – A Technology That Works Like Audiobus!

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Audioroute by N-Track allows music apps to communicate on audio and MIDI level, similar to Audiobus (iOS) but only on Android!

If you ask mobile musicians whether they use Android or iOS, the answer is very much the second one. This is due to a variety of reasons: too much audio latency, poor choice of professional apps, latency between app and touching the display…. Also in recent years, little has been done on Google’s part to change this. For the success of iOS music apps on the iPad/iPhone were certainly in the beginning: the good CoreAudio drivers, the motivation of the developers but also the Audiobus app & technology with which musician can easily connect apps.

If technologies work well on one platform then you can try it on another. That was probably n-Track thought as they developed Audioroute for Android. Audioroute can be called as an Audiobus clone for Android because it has the same concept. The aim of the app is to make possible a audio & midi connection between different apps. For making it available to every developer, n-Track developed also an open SDK like Audiobus with which they can equip Android apps.

Whether this will improve the current situation of music apps on Android, one can not say now. Would you ask me, I would say rather not. The focus of music apps is too big and too long in the iOS market that they want to change it. Even the still poor framework for music apps does not increase the motivation for app developer. If Google fixes these issues (audio drivers, touch responsive…) and makes it easier, it can quickly change because developers like to be available on multiple platforms.


Audioroute brings app-to-app audio to the Android world. Exchange live audio and MIDI between your favourite music apps and create unique combinations of sounds.

Audioroute is a system for exchanging audio and MIDI between Android apps. This means you can simultaneously use different apps that generate or manipulate audio, and achieve unique combinations of sounds and effects. If you’re using your Android smartphone or tablet to make music and sounds, then this is great news for you, as you will be able to use synths, effects and audio apps like never before.

The Audioroute library makes it possible to exchange audio and MIDI between apps. Developers can add Audioroute support to their audio apps by integrating our simple SDK, and make it discovareable by other apps supporting Audioroute.

Currently only n-Track Studio Music DAW & n-Track Studio 9 Pro Music DAW supports the Audioroute technology.

More information here: Audioroute 

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