Best Hardware Granular Samplers & Synthesizers!

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Hardware granular samplers & Synthesizers are quite rare. Here is a list of the best hardware desktop & Eurorack Granular Synthesizers you need to know!

Granular samplers / Synthesizers are becoming more and more popular. In software form there are already strong plugins (VST/AU/AAX) and iOS available for several years containing this great sound processing technology. In hardware it looks different. Even in 2018, the market is rather limited and you have to look longer to find some granular processors.

I’ve gone into the depths in the last few days and picked out for you the most interesting hardware granular Sampler & Synthesizer and chained in a list. If there is an instrument which I missed, you can leave it in the comments below. Important to know is that the order does not matter!


    • Yes! A pacarana or paca are still the most powerful granular synthesizers on this planet. And the symbolic sound implementation of granular synthesis sounds very good because of the technical background they have and how the algorithms are implemented on a real DSP plattform.

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