Double Dragon, Mutagen & Pathogen, Three New Wild Modules From Beast-Tek

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Three new experimental Beast-Tek modules: Double Dragon dual complex LFO, Mutagen advanced gates & Pathogen an advanced trigger burst generator & pattern generator.

Beast-Tek from Melbourne is back with three new modules. Last year I reported about the Pixel Drum, an experimental glitchy 12-bit drum synth voice. The new modules are again very experimental and unique. Double Dragon is a new dual complex LFO where the second can be sonically messed up by the first LFO using one of seven different algorithms, each with a CV-controllable mod parameter. This allows you to produce very wild modulations not possible with a classic low-frequency oscillator.

The amount of algorithm-based modulation can be blended from zero all the way to full depth using the MOD control and CV input. Double Dragon is equipped with three different speed settings that range from super slow (2.5 hours for one cycle) and beyond at 1.28 kHz. Crazy options but that’s not all. On the back, there are further settings for everyone who want to go even deeper. For example, you can switch the LFOs from bipolar to RAMP mode to generate unipolar ramp signals.

Beast-Tek Double Dragon .001

Two additional jumpers allow the RESET input to be repurposed to 1-Shot mode (one complete Wave or Ramp cycle per trigger input) or hang mode (output is held or “paused” while the input is high) providing a maximum of flexibility. DD can be used as a drum voice if you place LFO1 into both RAMP and 1-shot mode in combination with a VCA module.

The developer also offers a Double Dragon Expander that brings all of the additional features to the front panel.

Mutagen Dual Bernoulli Gates Plus Logic Gates

The second module is called Mutagen and is packed with logic options for adding spice and variety to your drum beats and sequenced gates. Onboard are Bernoulli gates aka probability gates that randomly route a trigger or gate signal to one of two outputs based on the selected probability. In addition to the probability switches, it offers a two-input OR gate, a two-input AND gate, and a three (or two)-input multi-logic gate to merge, invert, compare and randomize trigger and signals.

Mutagen has on the back two configuration jumpers turn each probability switch into a clock divider. The additional expander module brings this clock divider option to the front of the module with switches, reset input, and an attenuator.

Beast-Tek Mutagen


Last but not least, Pathogen is an advanced trigger burst generator and 4 channel pattern generator in one module. It is based on two separate tempo synchronized sections. The first section is a burst generator for trigger signals, with length, “physics” based density, and its own clock divider/multiplier. The second section is a four output pattern generator with eight modes:

  • counter: clock/measure/beat counter mode
  • divider: 4 patterns outputs, each is assigned to a different clock division
  • arrhythmia: mathematically (and deliberately) messed up euclidean rhythms
  • basic drum patterns: 32x basic patterns, each 16 steps in length.
  • random (1 of 4): random pattern of 1 to 32 steps where only one of the four outputs can be activate at a time
  • random (4 of 4) kinda like the previous algorithm except any of the outputs can be active at a time
  • probability (1 of 4): probability-based 1 of 4 patterns: On each step a random number is generated. If the random number is greater than the probability, then a new pattern is generated where only ONE of the four outputs is active.
  • probability (4 of 4): gain, just like the previous algorithm EXCEPT any of the four outputs can be active.

The developer also offers a 2HP Pathogen expander that brings configurations available via the jumper to the front panel. These allow you to configure the clock divider/multiplier range and also to turn the output of the pattern generator from gate signals into triggers/”pulses”.

The new Beast-Tek modules (Double Dragon, Mutagen & Pathogen) will be available soon.

More information here: Beast-Tek 

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  1. Did they happen to mention how many HP the various modules other than the expanders are..? Double Dragon and Pathogen look to be 8? Mutagen 6? The size aren’t measured on their site either…

    (Also, only because it popped up on as a related article, did MTBLSM go out of business? Their website seems to be dead. The eurorack case they had looked awesome.)

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