Befaco STMIX, ST Amp, and Out, new 1U audio interface modules

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Befaco explores more the 1U side of Eurorack with the new STMIX, ST AMP, and Out, three new 1U audio interface modules.

3U is the standard format for Eurorack synth modules. Especially as a beginner, you quickly notice that space is limited. To create more space here, modules in 1U format are increasingly being offered, which take up less space in the rack. The prerequisite is that you have a 1U rail or an adapter in your case.

Befaco has today expanded its range of 1U modules. After the Pony VCO, you now get a selection of the company’s audio interface modules in 1U format: the STMIX, ST AMP, and the output module

Befaco STMIX 1U Output 1U ST AMP 1U

Press Release

Befaco STMIX 1U

STMix is a four-channel stereo mixer in 28hp and 1U format. It can work independently or as an expansion of our Hexmix module via the six-pin connector located in the back. The module is designed under the Intellijel 1U format.

ST Amp 1U

ST Amp is a 1U stereo amplifier designed to boost your external signals into modular levels. The module is designed under the Intellijel 1U format and uses the same pinout, making it fully compatible with the Intelljel case’s rear connectors.

Out 1U

Out is a 1U stereo output module designed to convert audio signals from your modular to line levels. The module is designed to be used on cases with onboard Jack connectors or Intellijel 7U and Palette series, using the same pinout.

The module also includes a high-quality Headphone amplifier with an auxiliary monitoring CUE input.

First Impression

I use all three modules in 3U in my system. I would hate to work without them as they make it much easier to interface with external points. Nice to see these now in 1U.

The new Befaco STMIX 1U is available now for 99€/$109,99, the ST Amp for 79€/$89,99 and the Out for 89€/$99,99. They are also available as a DIY kit.

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