Maneco Labs Grone Manecolin, an experimental digital synth voice with Benjolin influences

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Maneco Labs Grone Manecolin is a new experimental digital synth voice with two oscillators, an MS-20 style filter, and built-in FXs.

There are hundreds of Eurorack modules on the market. It is noticeable that many modules are either grey or black. It is a shame that only a few dare to use other color schemes. One different company is Maneco Labs.

The modules are always very striking and designed with a lot of detail. The new digital synth voice is no different here.

Maneco Labs Grone Manecolin

Maneco Labs Grone Manecolin

Grone Manecolin is a new dual-oscillator digital synth voice loosely inspired by Rob Hordijk’s iconic Benjolin circuit. According to Maneco Labs, it’s designed for wild, cross-modulated sounds. 

Two different oscillators form the sound generation core. The first consists of a wavetable that can select and crossfade between various wave types using two dedicated knobs. Next to this is an oscillator with wave folding and additive harmonics.

You can use them separately or cross-modulate them to achieve wilder sounds. There is also a comparator in which you can route both oscillators and thus generate a third variable duty-cycle square wave source.

Maneco Labs Grone Manecolin

Even if the module is only loosely inspired by the Benjolin, it has a very reminiscent network section. In this, oscillators one and two are normalled into a shift register where OSC one acts as data and OSC two as a clock. Cross-mod them, and you get the Benjolin-style Rungler for unique, chaotic, shifting modulations.

Then, it also hosts a screaming MS-20-style filter to shape your timbres further. At the output stage, a highly resonant Datorro-style reverb and gritty saturator add the final touches to your sonic experimentation. For an additional noisy touch, it also includes a noise generator output.

Modulation is also available. It includes a single LFO with variable shape and speed for more movement in your sound.  Like all Maneco Labs modules, this one also has a unique, eye-catching design. With 33HP, it’s a large module with various inputs and outputs for patching fun.

First Impression

An exciting, experimental digital synth voice for Eurorack. It’s a shame that there is no sound demo of it. I would have liked to hear it.

Maneco Labs Grone Manecolin is available now for $465. 

More information here: Maneco Labs

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