Erica Synths Nightverb, a stereo reverb unit in collab with 112dB is available now

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Superbooth 24: Erica Synths has announced Nightverb, a new musical hardware stereo reverb unit in collaboration with 112dB.

Good news from Erica Synths. The new Nightverb stereo reverb, announced at SB 24, is now available (Thomann, Perfect Circuit)


Article From May 16, 2024

On Tuesday, Latvian company Erica Synths released the Bullfrog XL, Richie Hawtin’s semi-modular Synthesizer, in an oversized, aka teacher version. But that wasn’t all for the Superbooth 24.

Today, Erica Synths announced the Nightverb, a new stereo reverb unit. The developers promise it’s a very musical one.

Erica Synths Nightverb

Erica Synths Nightverb

The Nightverb is a new hardware reverb effects unit. This is the second collaboration with the developer 112dB. The company has already contributed the algorithms for the Stereo Delay and Stereo Reverb Eurorack modules last year. 

Nightverb offers a musical custom algorithm. According to Erica Synths, they have focused on the musical aspect of the effect, including extremely long decay tails without losing the harmonic integrity.

Since multiple parameters can be adjusted at cones, you can play notes individually or put them in chords, pitch-shifted, or used to create massive, ambient textures. It is not known whether there is just one algorithm, several, or a variation of one.

Then, you can adjust multiple Nightverb’s parameters simultaneously, giving you a wide range of sound design options at your fingertips.

Speaking about parameters, Erica Synths Nightverb has gain, spin, low- and high-damp, pre-delay, shape, early/late reflections, size, data, feedback, dry/wet, bass, volume, stereo spread, and treble. There is also a screen and buttons for bypass and freezing.

The unit comes in a lovely, sleek aluminum case with classic black Erica Synths knobs.


On the backside, you have a 12V DC input, an on/off switch, stereo out on L/R sockets, a footswitch input, a MIDI interface (thru/in), a USB port, and a stereo input (L/R).

First Impression

At first glance, Erica Snyhts Nightverb looks like a solid new hardware reverb. 112dB is known for developing very high-quality effect plugins. The recent effect modules in collaboration also sounded very good. Without having heard it, I assume it will be on that level.

Erica Synths Nightverb is available now for $599/490€ + VAT + shipping/

More information here: Erica Synths

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    • The focus on analog is ridiculous. I mean, good luck finding something worthwhile in the analog reverb realm, outside of spring, plate, etc.

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