Moog breaks through the Labyrinth leak wall and announces the synth for July 11th

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Moog breaks through the Labyrinth leak wall and officially announces the Labyrinth semi-modular analog Synthesizer for July 11th, 2024.

At Superbooth 24, Moog released the Spectravox, the finished version of the spectral processor they initially presented as a DIY project at MoogFest a few years ago. There was one more unplanned thing for SB 24. 

On the first day of Superbooth 24, a dealer leaked the Labyrinth, a west coast semi-modular Synthesizer that once again expands Moog’s lineup. More leaks followed, including the first sound demos of units sold this week. 

Moog Labyrinth Leak

Now Moog has probably had enough, broken through the leak wall, and announced the Labyrinth for July 11th, 2024.

The rumors are true. We are excited to announce that Labyrinth will be bringing its fresh take on the classic West Coast sound to the world on July 11th.

We can’t wait to show you what our newest creation is capable of, which is why we’ve collaborated with incredible artists and creators to create product demos and showcases. Be sure to patch into our official channels on release day!

Moog Labyrinth Leak

What a wild pre-announcement phase for a product. This was supposed to be behind closed doors and under NDA, but all these happened just in front of the media, retailers, users, and Moog. It felt like the information was in a labyrinth as well.

Moog confirmed in its post that it will be another semi-modular Synthesizer. Unlike previous ones, this will be Moog’s first west-coast Synthesizer powered by two flexible generative sequencers. It will have a main oscillator, a mod oscillator, a wave folder, a filter… and, of course, a patch matrix. 

There are already the first sound demos on YouTube of devices sold before the release. Many more demos will follow on July 11th. I hope I can tell you all the details then and maybe even give you a sound demo. 

Moog Labyrinth will be released on July 11, 2024. According to retailers, it will cost $599/699€. 

More information will follow here: Moog 

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      • that and takes more than a couple of months to make any product at their level of manufacturing. 3-5 years concept to first customer ship has been the average going rate.

  1. Too bad Moog refused to do proper eurorack. People wouldn’t have to shell out $700+ every time for more of the fundamental building blocks that shape their voice modules. They could just buy the VCA, VCO, sequencer, wavefolder, EQ, MIDI, etc.. Which is why they didn’t do it. womp womp

    • Nah, stuff that.

      Where’s the company’s refusal? Moog’s responding to what their market wants. This is the smart option- find a niche they can grow (semi-modular Eurorack), not join a crowded market (modular Eurorack).

      The fact that they keep making these units shows that this format sells. These semi-modular units are great if you don’t want to go full Eurorack or want a gateway to full Eurorack. This is a lot more than ‘just’ a VCA, VCO, sequencer, wavefolder, EQ, MIDI, etc..

      Nobody has to spend $700 each time a new synth is announced & this doesn’t stop us from buying separate modules from other companies.

      Now I’m off to try & build the Labrynth in VCV Rack.

      • Everybody has eurorack synths now. It’s the ideal option.

        If only we had some way to determine if Moog’s previous strategy has worked…. I mean, I could google what their company has been up but who has the time?

      • I am going to be buying a Labyrinth… but, please share your VCV progress 🙂 the Stellare Turing Machine x2 is right there! 🙂

    • Your no doubt correct. In addition I don’t think Moog would do very well in the 3u world. Their filters oscillators etc don’t stand out as anything interesting in that market.

  2. No one wants Mook anymore, this will only drive up the price of the originals…+1 on Mook not making euro modules, WTH?? Thanks to Synthanatomy for being bold enough to print the truth!<3 Solve that Captcha!

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