New Erica Synths EDU DIY module is an vintage-inspired analog kick drum

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Erica Synths has expanded its EDU DIY lineup in collaboration with Moritz Klein with a vintage-inspired analog kick drum.

For the past month, Erica Synths has been releasing a new module every month in their EDU DIY series. One they created with YouTuber and designer Moritz Klein. The special thing about these modules is not the DIY but the EDU part. Each kit comes with a very extensive manual that goes into depth, including a full overview of the circuits, etc.

With the Wavefolder, Erica Synths concluded the EDU DIY synth voice last October. But it didn’t stop there. The series went into another round with the DIY Compressor. The second new release is a new kick module.

Erica Synths EDU Kick Drum

Erica Synths EDU Kick Drum

The new EDU DIY release is an analog kick drum module inspired by vintage analog drum machines like the Roland 707, 808, and 909.

It has a solid set of hands-on parameters. The big decay knob that is in the first third of the front panel stands out. Then, on smaller knobs, you get control over the pitch, tune depth, tone, and distortion. The pitch can also be controlled with CV with a dedicated attenuator.

Connection side, you get inputs for trigger, accent, and pitch CV. Finally, you get a main out.

In-Deph Manual

The module is a complete DIY kit. In addition to components, it includes an exciting detailed manual, which offers the assembly instructions and goes deep into the circuit design. So it’s not just DIY but also educational.

There’s nothing quite like the sound of old-school analog drum machines. Especially classic kicks like Roland’s 808 and 909 are ubiquitous in electronic music. Unfortunately, their circuitry is notoriously complex and difficult to understand. Enter the mki x DIY Kick Drum kit, which not only aims to shed some light on the fundamental circuit design principles behind those circuits – but also captures their unmistakable sound as a fully-fledged Eurorack module.

First Impression

The EDU DIY synth voice is already an exciting project. This is now the logical continuation and I hope that this will result in a complete modular drum module lineup.

Erica Synths EDU Kick Drum is available now for 65€+ VAT + shipping.

More information here: Erica Synths 

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