Nekyia Circuits Muzzle, Mezcal, Cadence: three new sound shaping and utility modules

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Nekyia Circuits has released three new modules: Muzzle, a vactrol-based filter; Mezcal, a 4-channel utility; and Cadence, with three snappy decay envelopes.

It can take years to put together your favorite Eurorack system. Many large and small modules are used in the process. Small modules often serve as a connecting element between large ones and introduce a variety of small, useful functions into the rack.

Nekyia Circuits from Greece has released three new modules (Muzzle, Mezcal, and Cadence) that fit into this area.

Nekyia Circuits Muzzle Mezcal Cadence

Nekyia Circuits Muzzle

Muzzle (4HP) is new analog vactrol-based 12dB/octave lowpass filter that can also work as a lowpass gate. According to Nekyia Circuits, it offers handmade vactrols which are hopefully allowed for the European, UK… market.

The module has a frequency control with a CV input and a dedicated attenuator. Just below is the resonance control, which can self-oscillate but can’t be CV-controlled. The developers say the resonance goes from smooth to increasingly acidic and bubbly towards the max setting.

A nice addition is the ping input, which allows you to strike the filter frequency and resonance. In the self-oscillation state, you can create intriguing gritty percussive sounds using the ping input. The module also has an LED part.

Nekyia Circuits Mezcal 

Then, next to the Nekyia Circuits Muzzle is the new Mezcal, a feature-packed utility module that works with both audio and CV. It consists of various functions: 

  • buffered multiple with three outputs 
  • half/full wave rectifier 
  • inverter to audio and CV signals in many ways 
  • 3-input unity mixer/averager for mixing audio/CV without clipping 
  • bi-polar output comparator with an additional NOT (-) output that can be used to extract gates from a given input and the option to vary the width of these gates. 

Those are a lot of useful features in a small 4HP module. Plus, the Nekyia Circuits added to the Mezcal module an input normalization so that each input is normalled to the input of the below section.

Nekyia Circuits Cadence

The third and last new module from Nekyia Circuits is Cadence, an analog modulation module with three snappy decay envelopes with exponential curves. Unlike classic envelopes, they have a fixed attack time and have hands-on control over the decay time. 

Each envelope offers a very fast attack time and an exponential curve, perfect for creating percussive sounds when controlling VCAs and LPGs. You can trigger them individually using the level-sensitive 5V inputs, giving you varied envelope results with different inputs. 

Further, they have CV control over the decay time and end-of-decay time trigger outputs. A link switch connects a channel’s trigger input to the above channel’s end-of-decay time trigger without losing functionality. This is great for creating ratcheting and rhythmic effects.

You can also link all three envelopes through the switches, resulting in a trigger sequencer behavior with decay times setting the step length.

First Impression

Three interesting new modules from Nekyia Circuits. 


Nekyia Circuits Muzzle is available now for 117€ + VAT, Mezcal for 103 + VAT, and Cadence for 119€ + VAT.

More information here: Nekyia Circuits

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