The Unfinished Zebra Refrakt II, new cinematic sounds for U-he Zebra2 and ZebraHZ

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The Unfinished has released Zebra Refrakt II, a new patch library with new cinematic sounds for the U-he Zebra 2 flagship Synthesizer plugin.

U-he’s Zebra2 is a very versatile Synthesizer with many options. The cable-free modular synth plugin from Berlin is particularly highly regarded among film composers. 

The British sound designer, The Unfinished, has released Zebra Refrakt II for Zebra2 (Zebra Legacy), which dives deep into cinematic sounds.

Through the use of the multi-stage envelopes, distortion, compression and reverb, Refrakt II delivers sounds full of energy, grit and atmosphere.

Inspired by the darkly creative, contemporary, hybrid scores of Lorne Balfe, Tom Holkenborg, Ludwig Goransson, Tyler Bates and, Ben Salisbury and Geoff Barrow; there are also tones and ideas influenced by electronic artists turned composers such as Photek, Hybrid, Raffertie and Toydrum, sneaking in some breakbeat and drum n bass vibes.

The Unfinished Zebra Refrakt II

Zebra Refrakt II is a new patch library with hybrid, modern, cinematic sounds full of intrigue and drama. The Unfinished has created three versions of its new Zerba library. Refrakt II ships with 150 new patches for Zebra2 Synthesizer.

Then, there is also a Dark Edition with 150 presets for both ZebraHZ and Zebra2. As a reminder, ZebraHZ is the advanced version of Zebra2 with additional features, created in collaboration with Hans Zimmer. All Zebra2 owners can use this, as it is now included in the Zebra Legacy.

If that’s not enough, the Unfinished also has a Dark & Expanded version with all the Dark Edition patches. Plus 160 extra patches, which are variations of a number of the original ZebraHZ patches, giving you a total of 460 patches.

First Impression

I listened to the linked demo and the patches sound very exciting. You immediately feel like you are transported into a cinematic universe.

The Unfinished Refrakt II is available now for £24.99+VAT, the Dark Edition is £34.99+VAT, and the Dark & Expanded version is £44.99+VAT.

More information here: The Unfinished 

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