Superbooth 21: IO Instruments Kallichore & Kalyke, new 6-voice digital oscillator & function generator

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For Superbooth 21, the Berlin-based company IO Instruments will show Kallichore and Kalyke, a new 6-voice digital oscillator and feature-rich function generator.

Not every company has a long journey to get to Superbooth 21. Here you can also find developers who come directly from the German capital Berlin.

One of them is the young company IO Instruments, which is showing two brand-new modules for Superbooth 21

IO Instruments Kallichore Kalyke

IO Instruments Kallichore

The Kallichore is a new 22HP digital 6-time digital oscillator that was already teased for SB 20 HE last year, but is almost ready. The core uses three pairs of digital oscillators. Each single oscillator offers different waveforms (sine, saw, triangle, ramp, pulse (+ pulse with), square) and parameters like tune, glide, parameter, FM level, ring mod, and more.

Each oscillator can be set separately but there is also a global voice edit mode where you can setup all oscillators the same way. Modulation can be created via the internal oscillators or the external CV input. This includes linear and exponential FM. Then, you have an oscillator drift setting that emulates the behavior of analog/vintage oscillators and different interesting play modes.

You can go full in and control all 6 oscillators with one CV input, or control each oscillator pair separately with the CV A, B, and C inputs or play full polyphony in MIDI mode. Yes, you have full MIDI support built-in that includes MIDI CC parameters. If you use MIDI instead of CV/gate, each oscillator has an additional AR envelope.

MIDI Support

The center is a TFT screen where you can load/save patterns, make software updates via USB and get real-time feedback on the parameters. The module has a rich amount of inputs and outputs: 3x V/Oct, 3x CV mod, 1 reset, 1 MIDI in (Inputs), and 1 master out, 3x A/B/C outs (oscillators pairs), 3x sync out and a MIDI through on the outputs side. IO Instruments will also offer an optional single out module with individual oscillator outputs.

IO Instruments Kalyke

The second new module (Kalyke) is dual function generator with 16HP for Eurorack. It includes an advanced LFO and a feature-rich ADSR envelope. Starting with the LFO that comes with various waveforms, phase shift, offset, slow/fast rates, and different CV inputs. Next to this, you have an ADSR envelope with various curves, loop, and ratched modes. The module has two ADSR trigger outs (A/D), as well as four modulation inputs to control each envelope segment.

A cool addition is the ability to modulate the ADSR with the LFO mix. Like the digital oscillator, Kalyke also gives you a lot of connection options. From CV inputs for the segments,  positive & negative outputs for the LFO/ADSR section, triggers in/outs, and more. Anything but little connectivity.

At first glance, two solid new modules. The new IO Instruments modules (Kallichore Kalyke) will premiere at Superbooth 21 and you visit them at booth W300.

More information here: IO Instruments

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