Polyend Tracker Mini 2.0 update: synth and drum engines, more tracks, and more

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Polyend Tracker Mini 2.0 firmware is out now, and it includes new synth and drum engines, more tracks, USB audio support, and more.

At Superbooth 24, Polyend presented the Tracker+, the successor to the original Tracker from 2020. This comes with new synth and drum engines and more. At the same time, they confirmed that the more portable Tracker Mini will also get this major update.

The time has now come. The 2.0 update is now available as a free download. Perfect for the summertime for making music outside and not in your studio. 

Polyend Tracker Mini 2.0

Polyend Tracker Mini 2.0

Summer will be hot and exciting for Tracker Mini users. The new update 2.0 brings many new major features that catapult the device to a new level.

Let’s start with the sound engine. In addition to the well-known wavetable, granular… you can also explore the new synth and drum engines from the Polyend Tracker+.

Four new synth engines supercharge the Mini with synthetic sound power.

  • ACDTM: a TB-303-inspired single oscillator monophonic synth. 
  • FATTM: a subtractive analog modeling engine for lush, vintage sounds 
  • VAPTM: virtual analog dual-oscillator polysynth with modulation matrix 
  • WTFMTM: 2-operator FM synth with wavetable-based oscillators driven by a 3x feedback machine.

Then, it comes with the new PERC drum synthesis-based drum machine that takes up just one of the 8 synth voices but can simultaneously play back up to five unique drum synth sounds: kick, tom, snare, open and closed hi-hats, cymbal, and perc. Each drum instrument is fully tweakable with various controls.

Polyend Tracker Mini 2.0 update 

Besides this, Polyend also added the new advanced synth editor designed for fast patch edting. It allows quick access to different parameters that are manually tweakable or automatable. This either the step-fx sequencer engine, or the six multi-macro controls on the parameter pages.

More Tracks, USB Audio…

The new Polyend Tracker Mini 2.0 also offers space for deeper compositions. It expands the track count to eight additional MIDI and synth tracks, giving you the freedom for richer tracks. Also the song mode now comes with 16 tracks. 

You can also work with an expanded mixer section in the Tracker Mini. It now gives you mixer control over each synth and drum synth engine.

Another major update is the upgraded USB port. In addition to MIDI and new mass storage support, it also now transport USB audio directly into your computer or mobile device like an iPad. In total, 14 stereo tracks can be recorded via USB audio in the computer.

Lastly, you will find a host of minor UI changes for a smoother workflow and various bug fixes.

First Impression

An impressive free update. For Tracker Mini users this is certainly a lovely update and a bit of a Christmas present in the summer.

Polyend Tracker Mini 2.0 is available now as a free update for existing users. Tracker Mini is out now for $699/599€. In the US, it’s now on sale for $549 for a limited time. 

More information here: Polyend 

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