Superbooth 24: Retrokits goes Eurorack with the RK-008 multi-track recorder and RK-006 hub

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Superbooth 24: Retrokits goes modular with Eurorack versions of its RK-008 multi-tracker recorder and RK-006 hub.

We travel directly from Sweden to the Netherlands. Retrokits is a popular company among electronic musicians, especially for its MIDI utilities and the RK008 sequencer.

The developers were also at Superbooth 24. Retrokits presented its first Eurorack modules, more precisely, modular versions of the RK-008 recorde and RK-006 hub.

Retrokits Eurorack RK008

Retrokits RK-008 Eurorack

The RK-008 Eurorack is a new modular version of its best-known standalone multi-track recorder/sequencer. The new version has the same features as the original desktop version, except that you can screw it into your rack.

As a reminder, the RK-008 is multi-track MIDI recorder with a feature set and hands-on workflow (redo, overdub…) inspired by the legendary Alesis MMT-8. It has 8 tracks per part with dedicated track buttons. Each track is able to record and play the full 16 channels of MIDI.

The tracks don’t have a limit on polyphony or MIDI channels, allowing each track to contain data for all 16 MIDI channels. That’s a neat function. Plus, it can hold 16 songs with each 100 parts, where each part can contain 1 to 680 beats in length for music. 

Then, it also has non-destructive part modifiers per track, like transpose, quantization, swing, filter, and more.

Retrokits Eurorack RK-008 RK-006

On the connection side, it has two MIDI inputs and MIDI outputs on TRS 3.5mm jack, and sync in and out. CV and gate are missing, something that is essential in Eurorack. On Superbooth 24, they showcased a grey and black one. 

Retrokits RK006 Eurorack

There is also a Eurorack 1U version of the RK-006 hub. It offers the functions of the OG RK-006 hub only as a 1U module for your rack. It has 12 ports on TRS-A MIDI with ten outputs and two MIDI inputs. 

A highlight is the ability to change the function of each of the ten outputs. It can output classic MIDI data as well as gate and PWM. Other features include USB host functionality for multiple devices, per-port MIDI filtering, per-port clock shifting, clock processing, and much more.

First Impression

A nice idea of Retrokits to bring the RK-008 into the Eurorack. I just think it’s a shame that the module doesn’t have CV/gate sockets. This would have to be included in order to use it completely in Eurorack. Hopefully, an expander will come or something will be added

According to Retrokits, they’ll wait for the feedback from the Superbooth 24 to decide whether to go the Eurorack route. If yes, both modules will come onto the market at the end of the year. Prices are TBA.

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  1. I am a little confused as you say it is a shame the RK008 has no CV/Gate sockets and there could be a kind of expander. As far as I know the desktop RK006 works very well as expander for the desktop RK008 and provides configurable hybrid Midi/Sync/CV/Gate ports in all imaginable ways. Or have I misunderstood something?

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