Superbooth 24: Noise Lab Analog Drums voice and Euclidator euclidean sequencer

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Superbooth 24: Noise Lab Analog Drums is a new 6-channel drum voice and Euclidator, a new Euclidean sequencer for Eurorack.

Again, Eurorack synthesizers were the big topic at Superbooth 24. Many new, exciting modules were presented, including two from the Swedish developer Noise Lab. 

The new modules are called Analog Drums Drum Designer and Euclidator Euclidean Sequencer. 

Noise Lab Analog Drums

Noise Lab Analog Drums Voice

Analog Drums is a new 6-channel all-analog drum voice. According to Mikael from Noise Lab, the individual voices have an original design and are not modeled on classic drum machines.

The module has six drum voices, each with a dedicated gate in and signal output: kick, snare, hi-hat, metal, resonator, and clap.  The voices have the following parameters:

  • kick: decay, tone, and pitch
  • snare: decay, tone, and body & tail
  • hi-hat: decay, tone, and oh-gate input 
  • metal: decay, tone, and character 
  • resonator: decay, tone, and shaper
  • clap: clap tail

AD voice also includes a CV/AUX input and a global mix output with all the voices. 

Noise Lab Euclidator

Besides the new drum voice, there is also a new Euclidean Sequencer module called Euclidator. It has eight gate outputs, a clock in, and a clock out. The module has a screen with a button and three parameters (create, modify, set/save). 

Euclidator will have the ability to generate custom patterns using built-in algorithms. The entire feature set is not yet known. I will expand when this is known.

First Impression

Two exciting new modules from Noise Lab. I particularly like the Analog Drums voice because it combines all the drums in one compact module. Also because it is not a replica of a well-known drum machine from 80s but an original design. 

Noise Lab Analog Drums and Euclidator availability and price TBA. 

More information here: Noise Lab

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