Superbooth 24: Patching Panda Etna, a triple multimode analog filter with parameter morphing

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Superbooth 24: Patching Panda Etna is a new triple multimode analog filter with advanced parameter morphing

Patching Panda was also at Superbooth 24 again this year. This year, not in the tent with the other Barcelona-based companies but in the loud and hot gym.

Last year, Luiz from Patching Panda gave a preview on the new Etna triple filter. On Superbooth 24, the module was now ready to go. 

Patching Panda Etna

Patching Panda Etna

Etna is a new triple analog multimode morphing filter. The core consists of three multimode filters (lowpass, bandpass, highpass), each with its own set of parameters. Patching Panda says each filter’s response has been designed with top-end components, incorporating Q and passband compensation. 

However, Etna is no ordinary triple filter. Three filters in one module would also be very classic.  Patch Panda’s new module has a digital core that supports the analog filter and opens new sound design doors.

This digital system uses snapshots that capture the parameters of each filter. Once captured, you can morph from one filter to the next and generate smooth transitions, unlocking unique filter effects. The captured parameters can be adjusted either swiftly or gradually.

Then, you can also animate these transitions in Patching Panda Etna with an applied voltage, clock, or triggers. On the connection side, it has individual inputs and outputs for the three filters, mix out, FM, CV control for each filter, a clock input, reset, and more.

First Impression

Etna has an interesting concept for a filter module. Animating the three filters would surely make very unusual effects possible, especially in rhythmic or melodic sequences. I’m looking forward to more demos to see what is possible and what not.

Patching Panda Etna will be available in June 2024. The price is TBA.

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  1. Very neat design. A filter this impressive would have been killer with a proper stereo out for the summed filters. But I’m glad people are doing an analog variation of the Morpheus filter idea.

    Patching Panda has some really interesting filters. I’m keeping an eye on this company.

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