DOD Circuits BT-110, new portable digital Synthesizer with bytebeat synthesis

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At SynthFest France 2024, DOD Circuits released the BT-110, a new portable digital Synthesizer using bytebeat synthesis. 

The leak of the Oberheim TEO-5 caused a small interruption in the coverage of SynthFest France 2024. But now it continues with a new very special interest synth from France.

The new company, DOD Circuits, has introduced the BT-110, a new portable digital Synthesizer with a unique concept. 

DOD Circuits BT-110

DOD Circuits BT-110

BT-110 is a new portable all-digital Synthesizer that uses Bytebeat synthesis. It has a small, lovely square format with a black case and big white buttons. 

The special feature of this Synthesizer is its synthesis. No virtual analog, no FM,… it uses 1-voice of bytebeat synthesis, a new unique synthesis discovered by Viznut in 2011. It takes a mathematical operation/formula and modulates its PWM square output, creating a waveform that can be used as an oscillator.

It doesn’t sound very easy, and yes, it’s probably not for everyone as it requires programming knowledge. With the editor button, you can access the menu section where you can type in your mathematical operations and formulas. 

Then, it has a sampler function with which you can capture the produced sounds. There is also a visualizer and a sequencer. The latter, however, is not a classic one. Instead of step sequencing notes, you can sequence different code lines to create rhythmic elements

On the connection side, it has an audio output, a USB-C port for data and power, and a 5-pin MIDI input. As an extra goodie that makes the whole thing even special, the synth has a PS/2 connector with which you can connect an old-school keyboards to better type in the code.

First Impression

The BT-110 is certainly a very special-interest Synthesizer. Since I have nothing to do with math or programming, this is a synth that isn’t for me either. But I know that there is a Bytebeat synthesis community and the synth is certainly exciting for them.

DOD Circuits BT-110 will be available for 130€ on May 1st, 2024, from the official website. There will also be a cheaper DIY version. 

More information here: DOD Circuits 

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  1. Ok, pretty niche but wow I’m so hot for this! A decade ago I was experimenting with bytebeat via a browser, and loved the gritty rhythmic audio…never thought there would be a hardware version. Super cool

  2. The price seems about right for what it is: a dedicated bytebeat tone generator and sampler.

    If you’re like me and don’t have the interest and/or skill to write equations yourself, the Glitch Storm (~80 USD) or the Prismatic Spray (~250 USD) are probably better choices. I personally went with the Prismatic Spray and simply love the daylights out of this little box. Feels more like tuning a bytebeat radio. YMMV

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