AudioThingies MicroMonsta 2: Desktop Dual Polyphonic Digital Synthesizer Is Available Now

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AudioThingies MicroMonsta 2, the beloved desktop digital Synthesizer from France is back in an evolved version with more synthesis features and a nice design.

Analog is in trend but digital synths should not be forgotten. Some are even insider tips. The AudioThingies MicroMonsta v1 is considered a digital highlight by many Synthesizer enthusiasts. Sonically as well technically on a very high level and made by a Boutique company. For a few months, I have been reporting about a possible successor of the MM2.

Now the MicroMonsta 2 is available and it’s a powerful new version. Equipped with many new synthesis functions, a better overall sound, and built into a much narrower aluminum case with upgraded switches & encoders. It looks pretty.

AudioThingies MicroMonsta 2

AudioThingies MicroMonsta 2

The biggest difference to the past is the engine of the MicroMonsta 2. It’s now dual polyphonic ie. bi-timbral with 6 voices per layer.  Each layer features three oscillators with updated algorithms including some with FM capabilities. Oscillator 1 offers 12 analog-style oscillator types and 4 FM-ready types. Then, oscillator 2 and 3 also have 12 analog-style types but on top 8 multi-sampled wavetables where oscillator 3 can be an FM source. Also, it offers drive per voice and detuning per voice/oscillator for an analog character. No information yet, if you can load in own wavetables or not.

Next, it comes with 1 multimode filter per voice that houses 8 different types with FM. On the modulation side, it features 3 envelopes and 3 LFOs. The LFOs can be free-running, key triggered, or per voice with optional one-shot. So you can use it also as an additional envelope. All modulators are operable via a  straight but powerful 10 slot modulation matrix. At the end of the signal chain, it features a delay and reverb per timbre to refine your sounds.

AudioThingies Micromonsta 2

Playability & Connections

You can play the new MicroMonta 2 in different modes. Either in monotimbral, bi-timbral or in different combi modes including mono, stack, split or multi. According to the developer, MPE is not yet on board but they plan to release it as a free update. MIDI In via a 3.5mm connector, and a USB port which you can use to power the device. The new version doesn’t offer full MIDI so no MIDI Out or Thru.

All in all a nice further development of the original MM. We can welcome a lot new features, unfortunately, some are missing, such as the arpeggiator/sequencer or chorder function
In terms of sound, the MM2 can already score points in the first sound demos. Hope I get the chance to test it one day. I’m very curious.

AudioThingies MicroMonsta 2 is available now for 299.00 (inc VAT). It ships with a USB 2.0 cable but without a power supply adapter.

More information here: AudioThingies 

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  1. Oh? Too bad that MPE support was delayed. It was the one feature which attracted me (based on the first version being listed by Roger Linn). We definitely need more MPE support in hardware synths.

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