Dreadbox Hysteria v1.1, budget morphing analog oscillator gets a hardware update

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Dreadbox Hysteria v1.1 is a hardware update of its budget morphing analog oscillator; same sound but with major circuit improvements.

Update!: according to Dreadbox, it’s an error on Modulagrid and Synthesizer.gr where I got the news, they published it already in 2022. 

At the beginning of 2020, I tested the Hysteria oscillator by the Greek company Dreadbox. It’s a colorful analog oscillator with morphing capability and a built-in quantizer. The module’s low price makes it particularly attractive for Eurorack beginners. 

With the Hysteria v1.1, the popular oscillator goes into the second round with an improved circuit. 

Dreadbox Hysteria v1.1

Dreadbox Hysteria v1.1

In terms of features, Hysteria v1.1 is the same analog oscillator as the original module. Stepfree waveform morphing, built-in quantizer, sync, and CV control over all the features.

Although not visible from the front panel, the circuit offers big improvements. According to Dreadbox, the frequency drift and stability of the oscillator have drastically improved—something I also noticed in the test.

Then, the octave, semi, and waveform CV inputs are no longer inverted. The handy built-in pulse patch points are now set to the more common voltage 0-5V (down from +/-5V). 

The auto-tuning functionality, one of Hysteria’s best features, has also been improved. It was unintuitive to use in the original; in v1.1, it’s better and simpler. More changes can be found on the hardware. 

Dreadbox Hysteria v1.1

Dreadbox has replaced the “scale” and “tuning” knobs with more sophisticated digitally controlled trim pots. Plus, you can now adjust the module to your preferred CV source- to achieve greater precision.

Another major improvement is power. Dreadbox says the current draw is now 50% lower at 58mA@+12v and 15mA@-12V. And the new version 1.1 can be recognized by looking at the backside. The module’s depth is now reduced to 25mm.

First Impression

This is a great update for the Hysteria oscillator. For me, the original was one of the best budget analog oscillators. I’m sure the new version is just as good, and probably better due to the circuit updates.

Dreadbox Hysteria v1.1 is available for 139€. 

More information here: Dreadbox

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