Frequency Central Blades Of Ingenuity, looping AR envelope meets triggerable LFO

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Frequency Central Blades Of Ingenuity packs a looping AR envelope generator, a triggerable LFO and a circuit with twists in a 4HP module.

Modules that offer a lot in the smallest of spaces are ideal. King of the function/space modules is Expert Sleepers disting mk4. This packs more than 100+ functions into a 4HP module. A fascinating module, but also one that requires a lot of menu diving from the user.

There is also the most radical counterpart. Less but very hands-on and classic. Frequency Central’s new module with the intriguing name “Blades Of Ingenuity” does just that and follows the concept less is more.

Frequency Central Blades Of Ingenuity

Frequency Central Blades of Ingenuity

Blades of Ingenuity is a new modulation module that consists of two elements. It squeeze an loopable attack/release envelope and an LFO in a 4HP module. The attack/release envelope gives you a one shot and a looping mode with a looping range from 19 Hz to 5 seconds.

Then, you have a low frequency oscillator with multiple waves: sawtooth, triangle and ramp switch. It range from 19Hz to 60 seconds and offers an external retrigger option. A wilder side can be unlocked in the module via cross-patching. With this you can create more unique and unusual waveforms. For example you can patch the A/R out to LFO reset in and LFO out to A/R gate. Both times with active loop mode on the A/R envelope.

You can see the module in action in the linked demo video.

A very useful modulation module with some interesting twists that takes up very little rack space.

Frequency Central Blades of Ingenuity is available now fully assembled for £100 + VAT + shipping. There are also different DIY options including the full kit for £50 + VAT + shipping.

More information here: Frequency Central

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