Venus Instruments Veno-Echo, new stereo “powerhouse” delay module

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Venus Instruments Veno-Echo is a new stereo digital delay module for crystal clear echoes up to controllable distorted soundscapes.

Delays and reverbs are among the most popular effects in the synthesizer world. There are dozens of different ones and each one has its own character. So it happens that musicians not only have a single delay and reverb but several. This is also the case in my setup.

These effects are also very common in the Eurorack area. With the Veno-Echo, Venus Instruments brings back a well-known stereo delay from the past in a reworked version.

Venus Instruments Veno Echo

Venus Instruments Veno-Echo

Veno-Echo is a new stereo digital delay module for Eurorack. DivKid, who made a video about it, even describes it as a powerhouse stereo delay because it’s packed with creative features. Version 2 is a complete rework with extended functionality and improved performance.

The module features two separate channels with independent controls for delay time, feedback, and reverse direction.  The delay time range from super short for Karplus-strong synthesis applications up to 1 minute for long soundscapes. The feedback goes up to 110% and made wild self-oscillation experiments possible.

You can also go further and work with cross-feedback. Here the feedback from the left channel is modulated with the feedback from the right channel. This allows you to create super-dense drones and soundscapes. According to the developer, there are crossfades that handles the parameters changes to achieve smooth transitions without pitch modulation or artifacts.

Venus Instruments Veno-Echo

Veno-Echo also offers internal modulation through a triangle waveform or slewed random generator allowing you to create effects like doppler or pitch-shifting. There is also a mod CV where you can input other modulation sources.

Depending on how you patch the module, the sound quality varies, making it sonically very versatile. It can generate crystal clear repeats but also lo-fi crunchy echoes with digital aliasing or highly saturated distortion timbres. Further, it has built-in high-pass and low-pass filters with configurable cutoff frequencies and resonances. So you can shape the timbre of your delay/echo down to the last detail.

The module also has a tap tempo and an external clock input allowing you to generate rhythmic patterns which stay in sync with the rest of your system.

This looks like a very extensive stereo delay. The feature set is very extensive and makes you want to experiment with it.

Venus Instruments Audio Veno Echo is available now for £379 inc. VAT (RRP) or $409 USD.

More information here: Venus Instruments 

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