Thenatan Tape FX lo-fi plugin is a free download for a limited time

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Thenatan Tape FX is a versatile lo-fi plugin for macOS and Windows, and you can get it for free for a limited time.

I almost feel that not a day goes by without news about tape emulations in hardware as pedal or software. The good thing is that the next tape thingy news doesn’t cost you anything.

Thenatan, the developers of the Vybz multi-FX, are offering the Tape FX plugin as a free download for a limited time.

Thenatan Tape FX

Thenatan Tape FX

Tape FX is a versatile Lo-Fi plugin that emulates the sonic characteristics of cassette players. The core consists of six different cassette types, each with a different flavor. It includes a cassette that produces warm, natural, and noisy flavors or even ones that gives you telephone-style cassette recorder charm.

This sonic degradation can then be mixed with various character effects, making it more flexible and rich. You can find:

  • 9 noise textures with sample import and built-in filters (HP/LP)
  • an algorithmic crystal clear space reverb with filtering 
  • a tempo-synced delay/echo with filtering 
  • glitch introduced robotic time-stretch and repeat effects 
  • drive adds warmth and distortion to your tracks
  • 8-bit turns your sounds in deep lo-fi textures 
  • drops feature emulates a virtual tape, getting stuck randomly and catching up again

Tape FX has a vector GUI with animations, in/out VU meters, and can be easily resized up to 200%.

First Impression

I felt like I had 100 tape plugins. The question is, do I still need it? We’ll see, but definitely a good deal.

Thenatan Tape FX plugin is a free download for a limited time with the code Tape23. It’s now on BF sale for $9,50 instead of $79,50.

More information here: Thenatan 

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