Novation Launchpad Mk3 MIDI Controller Series, Save Up To 31% OFF During Black Friday

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Novation has today announced sweet Black Friday deals on their Launchpad Mk3 MIDI controller series including discounts up to 31% on the Mini, X, and Pro which has a built-in sequencer.

As I said in the previous article, the Black Friday event is not only an attractive event for plugin deals but also to catch a nice hardware deal. After the numerous synthesizers on sale, Novation has now announced a Black Friday sale on its popular Launchpad Mk3 MIDI controller series.

The discounts apply on the Mini, X, and even on the Pro version.

Novation Launchpad Mk3 Black Friday

Launchpad Pro is made to produce. As Novation’s most powerful grid controller for making music in Ableton Live and with hardware, it gives you everything you need to create and perform your tracks. LP has Novation’s deepest Ableton Live integration yet. Launch clips and scenes, access mixer, device and transport controls, and quantize, duplicate and double, all without touching your mouse. One-click access to Ableton Live’s Capture MIDI function makes sure you never miss an idea.


The launchpads all have the same 8×8 RGB pad-based design. But they differ in the features and size, which makes them cheaper and more expensive. Let’s start with the Launchpad Mini,  the cheapest version. It has the essential features that make a classic launchpad. You have a clip scene launch function with which you can launch your audio and MIDI clips. Also, you have track controls including stop, solo, or mute tracks. Plus, it features three custom layouts. All of this is currently available for an attractive 69€ (regular 109,99€). Everyone who uses Logic Pro X and doesn’t have one yet, a cheap entry into the clip launch world.

X Times More Features

Next, we have the Launchpad X, which has all the same features as the Mini plus additional ones and in a bigger hardware shape with larger pads. Besides the classic track controls, it gives you an additional record arm function and an additional slot for custom layouts. The biggest difference, however, lies in the built-in pads. The Launchpad X has velocity & pressure-sensitive pads that give you more options for expressiveness. Further, you have a dynamic note, scale mode, and the ability to start the brilliant Capture MIDI function in Ableton Live at the touch of a button. Lastly, it offers a session record, volume, pad, and send controls. You have a lot more function but also for almost twice the price, currently 125€ (regular 199,99€)

The flagship product is the Launchpad Pro that has everything from the X plus many other features that takes it to a different level, the Pro level. The Pro version houses a 4-channel step sequencer that can output the notes via the built-in MIDI interface on TRS. Then, you have twice the storage space of the X for your own layouts (8 in total) as well as a handy standalone chord mode. Velocity, probability, mutation micro-steps gives you advanced production controls. Furthermore, you have a fixed-length clip, and print to MIDI to clip features that simplifies your workflow. Also onboard and exclusive on the Pro is a session record functionality. All this, you get currently for 239€ (regular 349,99€). 

All three Launchpad MK3s are very solidly built and have a USB-C port. A big plus in my opinion. They offer a lot for the money and now with the discounts are even more interesting.

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