AtoVproject DHO, a unique hybrid dual harmonic oscillator with haptic feedback

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AtoVproject DHO is a novel hybrid dual harmonic oscillator with a digitally controlled analog core and with a front panel with haptic feedback.

A modular system consists of different modules. The most important thing is the sound generator section. The part that produces the sound. Most modularists use classic oscillators, analog or digital in nature. They often offer classic waveforms paired with PWM. FM, etc. Concepts from subtractive synthesis.

Let’s take a look on the West Coast side, where you find complex oscillators. These Buchla-influenced oscillators open up new possibilities for sound design. The idea is to create new rich waveforms using cross-mod, folding, shaping, etc. The Berlin company AtoVproject has released the DHO, an exciting, innovative complex oscillator.

AtoVproject DHO

AtoVproject DHO

Many complex oscillators are heavily inspired by vintage Buchla designs: Furthrrrr Generator, Verbos Complex Oscillator, Make Noise DPO…

DHO (36HP) goes its own way and is a novel take on the complex oscillator concept, says AtoVproject. It’s a dual harmonic oscillator with an analog core under digital control.

AtoVproject’s new complex oscillator has two analog oscillators, each generating four octaves of triangle waves and modulating each other using through-zero frequency modulation. The latter is controllable with a dedicated knob and via CV with an attenuator. 

A highlight is the four harmonic controls for each oscillator. Each harmonic generator is a CV-controllable triangle wave that moves up in octaves. These are blending in triangle harmonics in each oscillator. In use, you can make your initial waveform increasingly more complex.

Plus there is a four-stage diode wave folder where the two oscillators in for additional waveform mangling

AtoVproject DHO expander

Big Modulation 

Then, modulation is also a big topic in the DHO. Instead of giving you 100 modulators with an overwhelming range of options, the AtoVproject developers came up with something novel.

DHO uses a new approach to make the modulation much easier than before. The engine is powered by an algorithm by the video game industry that uses a macro-style control concept that dynamically modulates 10 parameters. Not with 10 knobs but only with a simple twist of a knob and a dedicated CV input.

That’s not all. It also hosts 10 internal LFOs for even more modulation fun. AtoVproject promises that you can delve deep into new sonic territories also without a huge number of other modulators.

Additionally, the DHO complex oscillator also ships with its proper expander (DHOex) that adds standard oscillator waveforms, PWM, and hard, and soft sync inputs.


The module is a hefty module at 36HP. The I/O of the DHO is exactly the same:

  • v/oct input for each oscillator + normalisation 
  • two FM inputs + two FM Cv inputs 
  • a CV input for each harmonic control of each oscillator, in total 8 
  • dedicated harmonic outputs 
  • dedicated VCO outputs 
  • mix in 
  • fold CV input 
  • main output 
  • classic waveforms outputs, PWM, hard and soft sync via expander.

It’s also exciting that you get haptic feedback when you move knobs. DivKid describes them as small vibrations. 

First Impression

The feature sheet alone makes me want to use the oscillator. For a closer look, check out DivKid’s video. The results he generated from the module sound first class. Very rich in harmonics, beautifully wild, and versatile. Just like a complex oscillator should be.

AtoVproject DHO is available now for $700 USD/779€.

More information here: AtoVproject 

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