Waves Silk Vocal, a smart EQ and dynamics processor plugin, FREE only today

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Waves has released Silk Vocal, a new smart EQ and dynamics processor plugin for vocals, it’s a free download only today for Black Friday.

After Waves announced in March that it was switching its business model to subscription only, there was great discontent in the music producer community. Waves also noticed this and rowed back very quickly. However, the subscription model remained as an alternative. 

This step and step back remains in people’s memories. That’s why I reported a little less about Waves. This also applies to the free Black Friday plugin. Should I or should not I? I give it a go because you can’t go wrong with it. It’s a free download, and in the worst case 2.0, it’s gone.

Waves Silk Vocal

Waves Silk Vocal

Silk Vocal is a new smart EQ and dynamics processor plugin that is FREE only today. According to Waves, it simplifies and accelerates your vocal mixing process. 

It automatically detects resonances across 2000 analysis bands, zeroes in on problematic resonances, and successfully balances your vocal tracks. Its smart vocal engine determines where and when processing should occur – all you will often need to do is just dial in the extent of the processing if desired.

Silk Voice is intended to replace several plugins and do everything in one, say the developers. In addition to automatic processing, you can also edit the process manually. It offers various functions, including low, mid, high, dynamics, and auto makeup gain.

Then, it also hosts more advanced settings, including a high-pass filter at 60 hz for filtering out sub-frequencies, the speed of the envelope EQ, and precision. The latter adjusts the sharpness of the Q.

Your free download or later purchase of Silk Vocal also includes a Silk Vocal Live version with SoundGrid compatibility. It allows you to use it in real-time, using minimum phase curves. It’s not just a live version, says Waves. It can also be used for recording in the studio, letting you monitor exactly how the plugin sounds on the voice in real-time.

Black Friday Sale

Ah yes, if you haven’t received any of the 100x emails yet. Waves also have a Black Friday sale with special deals like three plugins for $49,99 or six for $99,98.


First Impression

Mixing and mastering is not my area of expertise. But for anyone working with vocals, this may not be a bad deal. You can definitely try it.

Waves Silk Vocal is available now as a free download only today on Black Friday. The plugin costs $79. It runs as a VST, VST3, AU, and AAX plugin on macOS (native Apple Silicon + Intel) and Windows. 

More information here: Waves

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