Erica Synths Hexinverter Mindphaser & VCNO, complex and noise oscillators are back

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Erica Synths has re-released the Hexinverter Mindphaser complex dual oscillator with deep shaping options and VCNO noise oscillator. 

In September 2022, the Canadian company Hexinverter Electronique announced they were going out of business. A short time later, Erica Synths, led by Girts Ozolins, agreed to take over some modules and bring them back onto the market. 

The first module from the re-issue to be produced in Riga was the Mutant Brain MIDI/CV/Gate interface module. Now, two more follow, the Mindphaser complex oscillator and the VCNO noise oscillators. Both modules are now available.

Erica Synths Hexinverter Mindphaser

Erica Synths Hexinverter Mindphaser

The original Mindphaser was only around for a short time. Hexinverter invested a lot of time in finalizing the module and then came onto the market with a long delay in 2020. Due to a lack of chips etc., the Mindphaser was almost always sold out. Now, the comeback.

According to Erica Synths, it features a redesigned circuit made in collaboration with Hexinverter. They did minor alterations in mechanical assembly and digital controls to address Erica’s synths manufacturing routines and chip shortages. The analog signal path, however, remains 100% identical to the original version.

Mindphaser is a complex dual oscillator featuring east- and west-coast synthesis concepts. It generates sounds through its dual VCO cores (carrier and modulator).

It is joined by a thru-zero phase modulation (TZ-PM) bus and an extremely deep and versatile modulation network called ModBus. On top, you get another set of tools, including a waveshaper, and more. In the Eurorack community, the Mindphaser is considered one of the lowest complex oscillators. Great to see it back.

Erica Synths Hexinverter VCNO

The third Hexinverter reissue is the VCNO. It’s a flexible noise oscillator (6HP), capable of producing full spectrum white noise and various random signals. VCNO is a multi-flavored noise source and a trigger signal generator in one module.

Modulate the pitch over CV and use its multiple outputs simultaneously, each with a distinct sonic character. SCREECH is a dark, howling noise, while SIZZLE  offers a vinyl-like crackle. Then tear generates a broken noise, and the main LFSR output gives timbres, ranging from white to crunchy noises.

With the gate output, you can also create random triggers for your modular system. In summary, a super versatile noise generator makes here a comeback as well.

Erica Synths Hexinverter Mindphaser is available now for $559/539€ and VCNO for 189€

More information here: Erica Synths 

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