Puremagnetik Arkinaut, plucked resonator synth plugin FREE only this weekend

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Puremagnetik Arkinaut is a plucked resonator Synthesizer plugin (macOS/Windows), and only this weekend it’s a free download. 

There are many different synthesizers. The most popular are subtractive ones, which use classic virtual analog or wavetable synthesis. You have oscillators, filter them, set the envelopes, add reverb and your sound is ready. There are also experimental synths that use different syntheses.

This weekend you can explore one of these synths for free. Puremagnetik is giving away its Arkinaut resonator synth as a free download only this weekend.

Puremagnetik Arkinaut

Puremagnetik Arkinaut

Arkinaut is a unique Synthesizer plugin. Puremagnetik describes it as a fictitious electroacoustic instrument inspired by ancient sounds and materials (zither, wood stone, glass, and crystal), while employing modern synthesis techniques. 

The core uses Karplus-Strong synthesis, a technique that produces organic sounds like physical modeling. This engine is fed into a soft overdrive, optional ring modulator for wilder tones, and a Moog-style lowpass filter. From here, it goes into a fixed delay “doubling module that simulates string loosening. Plus, you get a reverb-syle ambiance generator.

Arkanaut has a few parameters with which you can create many sounds. The following controls are available:

  • mallet – strike transient level
  • material – timbre selection
  • pluck/bow – articulation and envelope
  • timbre – waveform type
  • tone – filter module
  • mod range – modulator pitch 
  • mod amount – modulator volume 
  • shaper – distortion circuit 
  • double – fided delay 
  • space – stereo ambiance

It excels at producing timbres ranging from plucked and bowed strings to mallets, and more. It was designed to create percussive and bowed articulations combined with idiophone transients and synthesizer modulations. 

If you want to discover sounds that are far away from virtual analog or wavetable, you get here an exciting, special Synthesizer as a free download. But only this weekend.

Puremagnetik Arkinaut is available as a free download only this weekend. The regular price is $20. It runs as a VST and AU plugin on macOS (Intel + native Apple Silicon) and Windows.

More information here: Puremagntik 

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