Frequency Central Cosmic Background, flexible analog drum voice for Eurorack

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Frequency Central Cosmic Background fuses analog filtering, and noise shaping in a versatile, flexible drum voice for Eurorack. 

The modular work has spilled over to the drum sounds. Clearly evident at the last Superbooth 21. An exciting path for me because so we see more more modular drum machines.

Frequency Central now also has a new analog drum voice in its portfolio. Cosmic Background, sounds like a module for drones and textures etc. to me, but it’s a versatile voice for drum and percussion sounds.

Frequency Central Cosmic Background

Frequency Central Cosmic Background

Cosmic Background is a new flexible analog drum voice consists of four different sections. The core is a white noise source which can be deformed into percussive elements on three stages.

It starts with a voltage controlled filter with switchable lowpass and highpass options. You get classic controls including a VCF in, cutoff and resonance. The VCF CV input has an attenuator and the white is normalised to this input. Then, you can shape the form of it with a release envelope generator that is controllable via potentiometer  or via the release CV input + attenuator. A voltage controlled amplifier is also onboard.

Rick of Frequency Central has also made the whole module very modular internally due to the large number of connections. You get inputs for gate, the filter, VCA… and dedicated outputs for the release CV, noise audio, VCF, and more. Thus, you can use them as a pre-patched analog drum or the sections independently.

The linked below video shows a modular drum machine with three Cosmic Background sound generators in action. Impressive what kind of percussive sounds you can squeeze out of the Cosmic Background.

Frequency Central Cosmic Background is available now for £160 as a fully assembled module or for £47,50 as a DIY kit including PCBs, chipset and panel.

More information here: Frequency Central

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