XILS-Lab Ring’X, new multi-FX processor plugin with modulation

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XILS-Lab Ring’X is a new creative multi-FX processor plugin with eight effects and a built-in versatile modulation engine. 

Multi-FX plugins are true sound design machines. In use, you can take sounds in completely new directions. These are often packed with algorithms that can range from classic chorus or reverb to spectral processing. You can quickly lose track of things here. 

Xavier Oudin, chief developer of XILS-Lab, is taking a more reduced approach with his new plugin Ring’X. 

XILS-Lab RingX

XILS-Lab Ring’X

Ring’X is a new rack-style multi-FX processor with six slots for insert effects. You can freely insert effects into these, regardless of the order. Each slot comes with three buttons (on/off, disp, and send).

The plugin features eight versatile effects: chorus, delay, phaser, reverb, 24 and 18dB/oct self-oscillating filters, equalization, and distortion. It doesn’t have an absurd number of algorithms. Rather few, but if they are of high quality, then eight very good ones are better than 30 mediocre ones. Each effect has a handful of parameters that allow you to tweak them. 

Additionally, you get four input trackers: envelope follower, voice detects the sibilance preset in the input sound, transient tracker, and an input gate. Ring’X offers powerful stereo processing to put your audio signal in a true stereo space. 

For more flexibility and movement in your sounds, the plugin also hosts a step sequencer and a locator sequencer for modulating effects parameters. 

First Impression

At first glance, it is an interesting new multi-fx plugin from XILS-Lab. Not a huge one but one focusing on classic sounds with a curated number of effects. If you are searching for a multi-fx with tons of algorithms, this is not the right plugin for you. 

XILS-Lab Ring’X is available now for an introductory price of 69€ instead of 179€. It runs as a VST, VST3, AU, and AAX plugin on macOS (Intel + native Apple Silicon) and Windows. It requires an iLok dongle or software account for registration. 

More information here: XILS Lab 

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