Puremagnetik Replicas Splice Sampler, New Album & Free Coil Plugin Release

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Puremagnetik Replicas is a new creative splice sampler for just $9, and Coil is a glitch distortion effect plugin that is a free download with the new Arovane album release.

For almost three years, Puremagnetik has been providing us with creative, intuitive plugins for PC and Mac every month. Many of them have more experimental approaches and very simple interfaces.

Today we welcome two new plugins, one available in the $9 subscription service and one as a free download as part of a new album release.

Puremagnetik Replicas

Puremagnetik Replicas

The commercial release is called Replicas and is a creative splice sampler plugin for PC & Mac. It mangles your audio signals with three simultaneous looped segments using vintage-inspired tape slicing techniques. The engine rephrases, delays, and pitch shift the recorded material at the same. A wide range of parameters allows you to adjust the engine including the playback speed (speed), duration (splice length), and more.

The plugin is capable of creating unique time-based effects, ambiance, glitching timbres, repeating stutter effects, and more. Replicas plugin invites musicians to make deep experiments. With every session, it gives you new unpredictable results.

Then to celebrate the new Arovane “Wirkung” album release on the Puremagnetik Tapes label, the developer is giving away a new plugin.

Coil – Artifact Anomaly Generator

Coil is an experimental glitch distortion effect processor that can mangle signals in various ways. It’s an analog-style warping effect, a sample decimator, phaser, and more in one single plugin. It mainly tries to reproduce the beautiful degradation effects in digital and analog systems.

It features algorithms for augmenting your sounds with tape warp, bit and sample rate reduction, phase cancellation, filtering, and more. Coil is fully controllable with six simple macro controls. So you get deep controls in a very straightforward and playful interface.

All in all two very unique, affordable sound mangling effect processor plugins for PC & Mac.

Puremagnetik Replicas is available now for $9 USD as part of the Spark subscription service. Coil is available for free (name your price) with the new album by Arovane “Wirkung”.

More information here: Puremagnetik 

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