Behringer Chaos, $99 Mutable Instruments Marbles random sampler clone, ready for pre-order

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Behringer has released Chaos, a $99 clone of the open-source Mutable Instruments Marbles random sampler module, it’s ready for pre-order.

In early April, Behringer announced two additional Mutable Instruments module clones. After Brains (Plaits) and Radar (Things Ears), clones of the Marbles random sampler (Chaos) and Ripples analog filter (Surge) were announced.

The Chaos is now finished and has been shipped to retailers. 

Behringer Chaos

Behringer Chaos

Chaos (16HP) is a clone/replica of the open-source Mutable Instruments Marbles random sampler. It is not a sampler in the classic sense but is a super flexible analog modulation module. It can be described as a source of random gates (for rhythmic events) and clocked voltages. Plus, with the ability to randomly sample signals.

The module has two parts, the t, and the X section. The t section generates gates at random that are tied to a master clock. The X section generates three random voltages, which are clocked to the t section. Each section is infinitely tweakable and can be patched to different sources to create some truly unique sequences.

In the t section, you also have three main outputs labeled as t1, t2, and t3. A master clock is generated out of t2. You can manipulate or “warp” this clock by using the jitter knob clockwise or counterclockwise. This introduces imperfections a musician may have when playing to a metronome to give your beats a more natural feel.

Chaos or the original Mutable Instruments Marbles are not ordinary modulation/rhythm generators. They are experimental and invite you to explore them. 

Features At A Glance

  • Amazing powerhouse to create random rhythm and musical ideas
  • Sound engines based on Mutable Instruments * Marbles
  • t generator creates a ”warped“ clock source by simulating the missteps of a musician trying to play to a click
  • X generator provides 3 random CV sources, clocked by the t generator
  • Memory function recalls the order of each preceding clock aberration, voltage, or rhythm
  • 2 separate audio outs for both the main sound and a dynamic variant
  • Eurorack specs: 16 HP, 70 mA +12 V, 40 mA -12 V

This is another Marbles clone that comes onto the market. Just at a significantly lower price than from other manufacturers. 

Behringer Chaos is available now for pre-order for $99/99€. According to Thomann, the first batch will arrive in 2-3 weeks. 

More information here: Behringer 

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