Puremagnetik Taska, musical distortion meets modulation in a creative FX plugin

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Puremagnetik Taska matches distortion, filtering, and modulation in a creative, musical multi-FX plugin for macOS and Windows.

The developers at Puremagnetik go their own way. Unlike many others, their plugins only have a limited number of parameters, making them similar to virtual pedals—an inspiring approach to how you can do plugins differently. Less is more.

Every month, they release a new plugin available exclusively in their Spark subscription for the first month and later for purchase. And it is very good when your sub ends, you continue to own the plugins. Last month, they gave us Hewin, an FX plugin that explores circuit-bending-like timbres. Today, they released the plugin for September, Taska. It’s another multi-FX.

Puremagnetik Taska

Puremagnetik Taska

The latest plugin is called Taska. It matches a finely tuned musical distortion circuit, a band-pass filter, and a broadband tremolo. Plus, it hosts an algorithmic reverb. It’s a mix of effects I wouldn’t have thought of immediately. You often mix chorus with delay or reverb but this is fresh.

Taska can also be used creatively. You can chain the effects in different ways to achieve various FX timbres. Parameters are available for the individual effects, so you have precise control over them. They include:

  • edge controls the overdrive amount
  • section and point adjust the bandpass frequency range and width
  • faze and faze rate control the vibration amount and rate
  • mod freq, scale, and mix set the amplitude modulation rate, amount, and overall mix of amp modulation
  • space, trail, and room are the controls for the algorithmic reverb, including send, size, and room tone.

Puremagnetik promises that Taska is capable of creating a wide range of timbres.”From subtle overdriven shimmers to wildly modulating phasers, Taska is a control center for generating a trove of inspiring sound sculpting effects.”

First Impression

Another nice multi-fx plugin from Puremagnetik. I like the very simple and direct control of its processors. You don’t get overwhelmed by features, you’re very focused on what you’re doing. Also, perfect for doing live experiments with the plugin.

Puremagnetik Taska is now available as a part of its monthly ($9) or yearly Spark subscription plan ($89). You get a new plugin every month, and you can keep it forever, also after canceling the subscription. Later, the plugin will be available for $20. It runs in VST and AU format in macOS (Intel + native Apple Silicon) and Windows.

More information here: Puremagnetik 

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