Larix Elektro, new Ritournelle modules, CV and trigger generators, now available

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At SynthFest France 2023, the new French company Larix Elektro debuted with the Ritournelle modules, including CV and trigger generators.

Larix Elektro from France premiered as a company at SynthFest France 2023. Good news coming from the developer. The Ritournelle modules, announced SFF23 are now available.


Article From June 8th, 2023

Small Synthesizer exhibitions are excellent events to get to know smaller developers who have not yet traveled to the Superbooth in Berlin. One of these is the Larix Elektro. The young French Eurorack company exhibited at SynthFest France 2023 for the first time.

Larix Elektro had their first modules from the Ritournelle series with them.

Larix Elektro Ritournelle

Larix Elektro Ritournelle

The first modules launched by Larix Elektro are part of the Ritournelle series.

Ritournelle CV Generator

Let’s start with the Ritournelle CV Generator, a new CV sequencer module. You cannot program your own steps here, an algorithm does it for you.  Attention, it is not a CV/gate sequencer for melodies but a pure CV sequencer. For example, to generate CV modulations. The main features and controls are:

  • NB: number of steps: from 1 up to 16
  • SEQU: sequence content
  • ADD: offset to the sequence
  • MOD: variation of the algorithm

There are four switches:

  • Loop: enables automatic restart after the last step
  • CV in: defines when CV in are checked (at all steps, or only at the first step)
  • end: defines if the CV out return to zero after the last step, or stay unchanged
  • code: two algorithm flavor

Ritournelle CV Generator features eight jacks: four inputs and four outputs, including a clock input, four CV inputs for the parameters, and more. On top, there will be the Shift-R, an expander module adding eight trigger outputs to the CV Generator. It transforms a CV output into eight trigger outputs.

Larix Elektro Ritournelle

Ritournelle TRIG Generator

In addition to the CV generator, there will also be a TRIG generator. The module goes in the same direction as the CV Generator. It generates trigger signals using an algorithm and hosts the following features and controls:

  • NB: up to 8 steps
  • code: sequence content
  • shift: at which step begins the sequence

Also, here you have switches:

  • loop: enables automatic restart after the last step
  • CV-In: defines when CV in are checked: at all steps, or only at the first step
  • code: binary, gray, or Euclidean

Further, it has eight inputs/outputs, including clock input, reset, trigger out, three CV inputs for the parameters, and more.

Lastly, Raphael of Larix Elektro introduced the Controle AttV-4 module. It consists of four circuits to amplify, attenuate, and reverse a signal. You can also mix them together, or dispatch a signal to four outputs.

Larix Elektro modules will be in Summer 2023 on the developer’s website. The sequencers will cost around 160€ each and the expander around 80€.

More information here: Larix Elektro

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