Puremagnetik Arktinaut, an electro-acoustic inspired Synthesizer plugin

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Puremagnetik Arktinaut emulates the timbres of electro-acoustic instruments with simplified Karplus Strong synthesis in a new Synthesizer.

In the last few years, Puremagnetik experimented a lot with interesting synthesis and effect concepts. This resulted in many small, unique plugins that can be purchased monthly for little money. Once a Synthesizer, then again a new effect processor, but always focused on very experimental sound design.

New month new plugin. With Artinaut, they are introducing a new synthesizer plugin that emulates the sonic characteristics of electro-acoustic instruments with the help of Karplus strong synthesis and resonators.

Puremagnetik Arkinaut

Puremagnetik Arktinaut

Arktinaut is a special Synthesizer plugin for your DAW. It’s a fictitious electroacoustic instrument, inspired by ancient sounds and materials like Zither, wood stone, glass, and crystal. The interesting part, it doesn’t use samples but pure synthesis. It uses Karplus-Strong algorithms that are fed into a soft overdrive. Then, it has an optional ring modulator that expands the sonic range of Artinaut in a more advanced and chaotic sound design direction.

In the final stage, you have a Moog-style ladder lowpass filter and a fixed doubling delay that simulates string loosening. You can choose between metal, wood, or elastic resonators to sculpt your sounds. And with the Mallet, you can add those transients you typically found in a vibraphone or marimba.

Like all other Puremagnetik plugins, this one is also very compact and intuitive in design. No submenus, few parameters, so perfect for hands-on control.

According to the developer, it’s a Synthesizer that excels at producing timbres ranging from plucked and bowed strings to mallets and more. All of this reminds me of my beloved physical modeling synthesizers like AAS Chromaphone 3 or the new Reason Studios Friktion Synth. But in a more simple, hands-on format.

Puremagnetik Arkinaut is available now as a VST/AU plugin for macOS & Windows for $9 USD as part of the Spark subscription service.  You can cancel the subscription at any time and the plugins remain in possession afterward. After one month Wade will become back-cataloged for a la carte purchase at $20 USD.

More information here: Puremagnetik 

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