Puremagnetik Voga, stochastic strum machine with karplus-strong synthesis

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Puremagnetik Voga, new Synthesizer plugin combines simplified karplus strong synthesis with stochastic algorithms for endless musical strumming pattterns.

Synthesizer plugins always tend to be very extensive. More is more. With many current plugins, fewer features but better implemented would be more advantageous.

The US-based developers of Puremagnetik simply turned the tables with their plugins. Less is more is the motto and that with success. With the Lore series, they have plugins at the start that are highly visual and are exclusively available via Patreon. The latest development is out now.

Puremagnetik Voga

Puremagnetik Voga

Voga is the latest addition to the growing Lore plugin lineup from Puremagnetik. It’s a new Synthesizer plugin that has a karplus-strong resonator pluck synthesis engine in its core. It can generate new musical strumming patterns on its own that range from pluck melodies phrases to ambient guitar arpeggios. An automatic melody generator where you adjust/trigger the root key with your MIDI keyboard.

The Lore plugins always offer fresh, experimental concepts with simple interfaces. The highly technical is broken down to a minimum so that you can work creatively with it. Also in Voga which gives you very few, essential controls. In this case, you have two moons allowing you to modulate the timbre, filters, and strumming attributes. Alternatively, you can also put the moons into control mode. Thus they move on their own.

Further, the plugin gives you the option to change the scale, strum speed, effects, and more from the control windows. Again very minimal what Puremagnetik serves us here in their new Lore series. It sounds very tempting and looks gorgeous. And btw. all Lores are open-source and available on Github under (CC BY-NC 4.0).

Puremagnetik Voga is available now as part of the new LORE subscription for 9€/month or 89€/year on Patreon. You get monthly a new plugin that brings sound and visual pieces to your production or listening room. It runs as a VST and AU plugin on macOS and Windows.

More information here: Puremagnetik 

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