Plum Audio ADVA, analog multimode filter with clever extras in 3U and 1U

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Plum Audio dives into gentle and acid-filtering sounds with its new analog multimode filter module ADVA (3U/1U), thanks to clever sonic extras.

Numerous filter modules are available, ranging from timeless models with simple cutoff and resonance controls, dual or stereo filters, or deeper modules that are complex sound processors like the Frap Tools Cunsa. Filter-less is also possible, check the west-coast side of synthesis.

New filter modules are introduced each year. The latest comes from Plum Audio, the developers of the Ro’ved, a MI Plaits clone in 1U with click knobs

Plum Audio ADVA

Plum Audio ADVA

ADVA is a new, rich-sounding multimode analog filter boasting many useful features catering to beginners and advanced sound designers.

Packed into a sleek design (3U – 6HP, 1U – 22HP) the module offers seven distinct filter modes (LP6, LP12, LP18, LP24, BP12, BP24, and HP12) opening the door to a vast tonal palette. It can produce gentle filtering effects to soft lowpass gate-style sounds, up to scorching hot acid tones.

Plum Audio’s new filter module (3U/1U) offers self-oscillation for all modes, producing a spectrum of waveforms, from pristine sine waves to soft square waves, especially when activating the post-distortion circuit. There is also a v/oct tracking input, so you can use it as an oscillator or percussive sound generator.

Besides this, the resonance has a loudness compensation circuit that ensures your sound remains powerful and consistent when you crank up the resonance. Plus, unlike many other multimode filters on the market, ADVA incorporates a phase keeper that ensures it never inverts the input’s phase, regardless of the selected filter mode.

Noise + Distortion

An internal analog white noise generator adds a touch of spice to your sound. Blend it with your input signal to enrich your sound, emphasize cutoff movements, or even use it as an FM source to experiment with a range of dirty tones.

ADVA features two separate distortion circuits. The soft-clipping overdrive, positioned in the signal path after the white noise blend and input gain knobs, thickens incoming waveforms in an excellent satisfying way. The second distortion (post), just before output and before the VCA, offers a more aggressive, characterful distortion that puts the filter into acid and other dirty sonic areas.

And finally, there is a smart digital support circuit with a routing system. It allows for the modulation of filter modes via CV and provides an interface featuring three click knobs and an RGB LED ring with visual feedback.

First Impression

A neat filter module with lots of nice sonic extras, making it much more versatile and flexible than classic filters. Also good to see it as a 1U version.

Plum Audio ADVA is available now for $299 in 1U or 3U and with a silver or black front panel.

More information here: Plum Audio

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  1. I like the design. There was a rare eurorack filter like this but with double the filter options including phaser modes and multiple options for the type of drive. Like the ADVA, it also had CV for modes, V/oct, res, Lin/exp FM. Don’t want to say the name in case someone decides to sell theirs but it was a beautiful design in its options. This looks really close to that design. Same price tag.

    I’ll keep an eye on this VCF. Not sure if I love or loathe the tiny compact layout. Sure, it ALSO works as a 1U but damn is it cramped. 1U is overrated.

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