ALM Busy Circuits ASQ-1, SH-101-style note sequencing and drum triggering

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ALM Busy Circuits ASQ-1 is a new cute multi-mode sequencer for Eurorack that pairs two SH-101 style note- and four trigger sequencers 

If you like to perform a classic techno set with a modular Synthesizer, you need a colorful selection of modules. The most important ones are sequencers for notes and for drums/percussions. This is often solved in two modules.

ALM Busy Circuits has recently published its ASQ-1 sequencer module that gives you both worlds in a single module. The module was already presented at the Superbooth and is now available

ALM Busy Circuits ASQ-1

ALM Busy Circuits ASQ-1

The ASQ-1 is a new multi-mode Eurorack sequencer. Multi-mode because it can simultaneously sequence two CV/GATE and four trigger patterns, as well as perform synchronised quantisation of an external CV signal. A kind of sequencer central for the entire case.

The note sequencer follows the classic SH-101 programming philosophy with step-time note entry but with a turbo. The drum machine pattern editing also goes the classic way with nice mechanical computer-style keys. With the keys and LEDs, you can set the pattern position, step info, length, and clock division of the sequencers.

ALM Busy Circuits ASQ-1

Additional parameters like global and performance-oriented features (mutes, transposition…) can be controlled with simple key combinations.

ASQ-1 also includes internal or external clocking with optional internal divisions per pattern. All patterns are saveable in the module and persist with the state in the memory across power cycles. There is also a USB-C port for firmware updates and backing up sequence data.

All in all, this sequencer looks super tempting, especially for a live compact live performance rig where you don’t have tons of rack space. And for the amount of features, they priced the module pretty reasonable and fair.

ALM Busy Circuits ASQ-1 is available now for $365 USD/368€.

More information here: ALM Busy Circuits 

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