Boredbrain Music Xcelon, voltage-controlled true stereo mixer module (Knobcon 2023)

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Knobcon 2023: Boredbrain Music has introduced Xcelon, a new voltage-controlled true stereo mixer module for Eurorack with six channels.

This weekend is Knobcon 2023 in Chicago, one of the largest Synthesizer conventions in the US. Based on the experience of the last few years, some new products will premiere there.

It starts with Boredbrain Music, who already showed us the lovely Patchulator Pro patchbay at the end of August. At Knobcon, they are presenting a new stereo mixer module.

Boredbrain Music Xcelon

Boredbrain Music Xcelon

The year 2023 is slowly becoming the year of the new stereo mixer modules. With the Xer Mixa, Noise Engineering showed their concept of a hybrid stereo mixer. Now Boredbrain Music follows with the Xcelon, which has 48HP and a different concept. It’s all analog and doesn’t offer support from digital features.

Xcelon is a true stereo mixer module consisting of 12 mono or 6 stereo channels. Each channel is based on ultra-low noise circuitry, say the developers, and offers a long-travel 45mm volume fader. Then, you get a channel level meter (adjustable pre/post fader) and a VCA-based clickless mute.

There is also a gain knob per channel with line-level amplification for a wide range of input signals. Next to this, you can find two adjustable FX sends and a balance control with pan law (-4.5dB compensation curve). Also onboard is an XFADE balance mode which is a dual-mono channel left & right input crossfade.

Things get exciting when it comes to the connections. First, Xcelon has 50 jacks, 48 LEDs, 32 knobs, and 19 switches. That’s pretty solid for a 48HP module. I think the connectivity split is nice. On the left are the inputs, and on the right are the outputs. This gives you a good overview of where the signal goes in and out.

CV Connectivity

Each channel has two mono inputs, i.e., a stereo input. Xcelon also features two stereo FX sends & returns with the FX1 selectable pre/post fader. This allows you to route effects to the respective channels you can route effects. 2 output mix busses (A, B, or both, per channel and for FX returns) are also onboard.

The CV connection is particularly extensive. You read that right, the mixer is CV-controllable. It comes with 26 CV inputs, giving you CV control over the volume, balance, FX sends, and FX returns for each channel.

According to Boredbrain Music, they also plan to release expansion modules with which you can expand the channels and add pre/post direct outputs.

First Impression

At first glance, it’s an exciting stereo mixer. No digital extras like the module from the noise people, but completely analog. It also looks more accessible from the user interface to me. It’s a personal impression.

Boredbrain Music Xcelon will be available in fall 2023. Price will be around $800.

More information will follow here: Boredbrain Music

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