Eboardmuseum, one of the largest Synthesizer museums in the world

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In the new episode, AudioPilz takes you to romantic Klagenfurt in the Eboardmuseum, one of the largest Synthesizer museums in the world.

Every time we buy a new Synthesizer, we ask ourselves: “Do we really need it, or was it GAS (gear acquisition syndrome)? If so, don’t worry, you’re not alone. Many companions suffer from this. AudioPliz found a gentleman in beautiful Klagenfurt (Austria) who was heavily addicted to GAS.

His name is Gert Prix. He is a musician and owns hundreds of vintage keyboards, synths, and organs. He made his collection public at a museum.

Eboardmuseum Audiopilz


The museum is located in romantic Klagenfurt on the Wörthersee in Austria. Right now, the exhibition counts about 2,000 different instruments, including vintage synthesizers, e-pianos, electromagnetic Hammonds, electronic organic, mellotrons, string ensembles, samplers, and more. There are also drum machines, Leslies, amps, and FX processors.

Eboardmuseum Klagenfurt

The exciting thing about the Eboardmusuem project is that it is not a “museum” in the classic sense. Here, the instruments are not behind glass and are only there to look at and for your Facebook/Instagram picture collection (please don’t touch it). Many exhibits have been restored, connected to PAs, and are playable. Yes, you can spend the whole day in the museum and play with the instruments.

Eboardmuseum Audiopilz

The new AudioPilz video shows how huge the exhibition is. Gaz Williams came all the way from the UK to take part in this adventure. There are many versions of the Minimoog, the Jupiter series, the ARP Odyssey family, Tangerine Dreams’ Korg PS-3200, modular synths, a trillion organs,… and every freaking string machine from the past that ever existed.

More importantly, Gas Williams also tells us why you should never say no to a banana.

The Eboard Museum is located in the Florian Gröger Straße 2, 9020 Klagenfurt am Wörthersee (Austria). Opening hours are from 2 PM to 7 PM daily. On Saturday, they recommend booking in advance. It’s closed on Monday and Tuesday from November to March. The ticket price is 15€ and the family ticket 30€.

More information here: Eboard Museum

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