WTF Is A New Eurorack & MU Format Oscillator Module With Unique Morphing Skills

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WTF (Window Transform Function) is now on Kickstarter and is a new Eurorack & MU format oscillator with unique advanced morphing skills!

Paula Maddox, formerly director/CTO of Modal Electronics is back in the Synthesizer business with a new product. WTF is a new Eurorack & MU format morphing oscillator that use an innovative technology. WTF stands here not for (What The F…) but for Windows Transform Function that gives owners a new and unique way to morph between waveforms.

WTF features 32 waveforms + noise that can be morphed between any two. They range from classic sawtooth, sine wave,.. distorted waves, metallic sounds and many more. A cool feature here is that the noise is tuneable what gives you additional sound possibilities. To manipulate further the waveforms, the module features advanced PWM functionalities, a wave inversion and a unique dual window mode. On the front panel, users have CV control over the most important features.

What is a WTF Oscillator?

WTF stands for Window Transform Function and this oscillator gives the owner a new and unique way to morph between waveforms. It’s designed to fit in your modular synthesiser, either in Euro-rack format or MU format.

How Does it Work?

Remember when you used to go to the dentist and the receptionist had a sliding hatch that would open and say “Mrs Smith to see the Dr in room 3 please”? Well this is much the same, the “front” wave is represented by the panes of glass on that window, the rear wave is the cheery receptionist. As you slide open the window in the front wave the rear wave can be seen in that window. You can open and close this window with CV control.

This creates a totally new waveform that could, for example, start with a sawtooth, then change to a square wave part way through, then go back to a sawtooth for the remainder of the waveform cycle. All this can be done with full CV control, allowing you to route your existing LFOs, EGs and sequencers to any or all of the parameters.


32 Waveforms + Noise

There are 32 waveforms plus noise in the module and you can morph between any two. There are of course the usual suspects – sawtooth, sine wave, triangle wave and square wave. The remaining 28 waveforms are all newly created to mimic certain types of sounds, like vocal formants, distorted waves, metallic sounds and many more. You can select the front and rear waveforms with independent control voltages enabling you to create incredibly rich sonic textures.

Tuneable Noise

The noise is tuneable, when you enable noise for the rear wave you can adjust the frequency the noise is generated at, allowing you to go from a white noise to a retro 8 bit game console style noise.

Advanced ‘PWM’

You can also set the rear window to be a DC level giving you the ability to create PWM like sounds with any of the 32 waveforms.

Wave Inversion

You can also invert the rear waveform which adds a whole new level of sonic capability to the WTF oscillator.

Dual Window Mode

We’ve also added a ‘dual’ mode to the window function, so you can change between a single window opening and closing or a dual window.

CV Control of Waveforms

Finally, we’ve added the ability to change both the front and rear waveforms using control voltages, used in conjunction with a sequencer this gives you an incredibly powerful sound source full of previously unheard of sonic power.

WTF oscillator by Dove Audio will be available in October for the Eurorack and MU format. It’s now available for pre-order via the Kickstarter campaign for an early bird price of £285. The final price for the Eurorack version will be £325 and £425 for the MU format.

 More information here: Dove Audio

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