Plum Audio Ro’ved, Mutable Instruments Plaits in 1U with click knobs UI

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Plum Audio Ro’ved is Mutable Instruments’ brilliant Plaits macro oscillator in 1U equipped with an all-new click knobs user interface. 

Mutable Instruments Plaits is one of the most cloned modules in the Eurorack format. Clouds probably even more. From small to very large. Everyone wants the power of Emilie’s macro oscillator. Small boutique aka garage developers but also a company like Behringer jumped on the Plaints clone train with their Brains version. Don’t forget, a part of the code is also inside the lovely Arturia MicroFreak.

As already written several times, 1U modules are becoming more and more popular in the Eurorack community. Mainly because they take up little space and thus enable more complex systems in smaller racks. The good news: the Plaits macro oscillator will also be available soon as a 1U version with a newly developer user interface from Plum Audio.

Plum Audio Roved

Plum Audio Ro’ved

Plum Audio Ro’ved (ROVED) is the 1U version of the almost legendary Mutable Instruments Plaits macro oscillator. It’s amazing to see how much technology you can squeeze in just 1U modules. Ro’ved uses a modified firmware. The number and range of algorithms are unchanged: two banks, 8 synthesis models per bank including virtual analog, FM, wavetable, additive synthesis, and more.

The new firmware is mainly necessary because of the new user interface. According to Plum Audio, it’s an innovative interface with four “CLICKKNOBS” that function as model selection buttons, main controls and attenuverters. So for the timbre, morph, harmonics and frequency modulation, all with dedicated CV inputs. So you get 3-in-1 knobs offering you convenient operation in just 1U space.

There are tiny videos on the website showing the interface in action. By pressing you can change the algorithms, push and turn certain deeper parameters… it looks very intuitive to me.

Plum Audio Roven

Plus, it includes 8 bi-color LEDs displaying the active model. As we know it from the original Plaits module. In terms of connectivity, everything has stayed the same as well. It gives you a main V/oct input, trigger input, CV inputs (level, mode, timbre…) as well as a aux and main audio output that runs at 48kHz, 16-bit.

It was a question of time when Plaits came to the 1U. And soon the time will come. I like the idea and how Plum Audio implemented the adaptation for 1U. Here you get a massive amount of oscillator power for your mini modular system. I think I need to add a 1U row to my system because the topic becomes super hot.

Plum Audio Ro’ved is available soon for pre-order for $319 USD.

More information here: Plum Audio

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