1010music bluebox goes Eurorack, brings mixing and recording to a module (Knobcon 2023)

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At Knobcon 2023, 1010music introduced bluebox module, a Eurorack port of its popular digital desktop mixing and recording hub.

In my last article about the new stereo mixer Xcelon from Boredbrain Music, I said that 2023 would slowly become the Eurorack stereo mixer year. I’m probably right about that. Here’s the next one.

1010music has announced the bluebox desktop mixer and recorder as a module.

1010music bluebox eurorack

1010music bluebox Eurorack

Many readers are familiar with the bluebox. It’s 1010music’s super portable digital mixer with a built-in recorder. They have now taken this smart concept into the modular Eurorack world and packed it into a module. It is a logical step, especially since such an all-in-one solution does not yet exist.

The bluebox module offers 12 mono inputs, so 12 mono tracks or six stereo tracks of live or pre-recorded sounds. Like its desktop brother, the module version is digital and is, therefore, very flexible to set up. It allows you to route each track to any combination of outputs independently. For example, four mono tracks to two stereo outputs or to the stereo headphone out.

It also has internal effects with which you can celebrate your tracks. There is a four-band EQ per track with cut/shelf/parametric settings for each band. Reverb and delay effects are also onboard with independent sends for each track. Plus, you can work with a built-in global compressor to maximize loudness and glue your mix together.

Effects send and return sockets, where you can integrate your own effects, are not included. Here, you are limited to the internal ones. A great new addition to the bluebox module version is CV controllability. It hosts 6 mappable CV inputs for modulation and control, including clock output.

1010music bluebox eurorack module


In the last few days, many stereo mixers for Eurorack have come onto the market. The bluebox stands out in one topic: recording.

With 1010music’s new module, you can not only mix digitally your tracks and add FXs to them, you can also record what is input right in the rack. No need for an external recorder. It captures your multi-track jams in 48k, 24-bit wav files on a microSD card.

Another handy feature of the internal recorder is the ability to play back pre-recorded tracks while recording new ones. Bring backing tracks into modular and jam on them and record both at the same time, for example. On top, you can save and recall your project settings, including all parameters for tracks, outputs, EQ, and effects.


The bluebox module has 12 mono inputs, four outputs, phones socket, a clock output, six CV inputs, and MIDI in/out on 3.5mm TRS jacks. Thus, you can control everything with MIDI.

Further, you get two USB-C sockets. Connect a MIDI controller to the module using the first port, while the other port is intended for connecting to the computer. Once connected, the module is a 2-channel audio/MIDI interface as well.

Similar to the desktop version, the bluebox module is operated using four knobs, buttons, and a touchscreen interface.

First Impression

The step now from desktop to Eurorack is excellent and logical. It’s great that they expanded the bluebox with 6 CV inputs in the Eurorack version. I am sure the module will be a great success because something like this hasn’t existed before. One thing I’m not sure about is how low-noise they managed to get the signal. That would be interesting to know

1010music bluebox module for Eurorack is available soon for $699.

More information here: 1010music 

Available for pre-order at my partner

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