Toppobrillo MiniMix, a compact six-channel stereo mixer for Eurorack

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Toppobrillo packs in its new compact stereo mixer module MiniMix six channels and lots of mixing functionality incl. soft mutes, pan, and more.

Working with a compact modular setup has the disadvantage that you have to watch out for the number of modules. The module towers can be stacked in studios but as a performing musician, the system must be versatile and space-saving.

In recent years, many developers have responded to the demand for smaller modules. A new stereo mixer designed for mobile setups will also be coming soon.

Toppobrillo Minimix

Toppobrillo MiniMix

With the MiniMix, the name says it all. It is a compact six-channel Eurorack mixer with 4 mono and 2 stereo expansion inputs with up to +6dB gain. A stereo L/R outputs the signal. Also, it has a loud and clean stereo headphone/line socket with a dedicated level control. So you can monitor the sound directly on your favorite headphones

The developer says that he takes heavy inspiration from the Buchla Model 207, one of his favorite mixers. However, it is not a clone as the feature differs from this. You have handy soft-mutes on each channel and voltage controllable “opposable” pan over channels 1 and 6. Toppobrillo uses high-quality low noise/low distortion designs with higher-end opamps and audio grade caps. This should ensure a very good sound quality.

If the inputs are not enough, you can easily chain your MiniMix with other MiniMix, Stereomix, or other mixers. That’s a great functionality. A very nice stereo mixer that the developer is currently working on. Especially interesting for small, portable travel cases as it only has 14HP. This is very slim for a stereo mixer with a dense feature set. I really like that the developer uses sliders instead of knobs. We need more modules with sliders.

According to Toppobrillo, the MiniMix module will soon go into production. Pre-order starts soon. A price is not yet known.

More information here: Toppobrillo

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