Noise Engineering Xer Mixa, 10-channel stereo mixer with CV and digital control

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Noise Engineering Xer Mixa is a new 10-channel stereo mixer module with CV, and digital control for state saving, total recall, and more. 

In mid-August, Noise Engineering announced the discontinuation of four of their popular Iteritas modules, including the Basimulus Iteritas Alter (BIA). At the same time, the US-based company started teasing a new module.

Today, the secret was revealed. The Noise team enters the stereo mixer world with the Xer Mixa, a mighty hybrid module.

Noise Engineering Xer Mixa

Noise Engineering Xer Mixa

Xer Mixa is a new 32HP mixer with eight stereo channels with sliders for level control. A big plus for the sliders. You also get two additional stereo channel that acts as auxiliary inputs, giving you a total of 10 stereo-paired inputs. There are also two corresponding send outputs besides the master output.

The module has a 100% analog signal path with low noise and crosstalk. They also promise pristine sound quality and ultra-high headroom. Each channel then has a clickless mute switch, great for performance, and it offers a built-in analog leveling amplifier for adding punch to your mix.

The highlight of the Xer Mixa is its hybrid concept that gives you the benefits of the analog world and the practical elements of the digital age. Feel free to correct me here, but this is the first Eurorack mixer where you get digital control with analog mixing.

Digital Control

A screen introduces you to the digital part of the Xer Mixa. Here you can set the pan, pre and post-fader sends for each channel. It also unlocks the option to edit multiple channels at the same time. All settings can be saved to one of 7 preset slots for easy recall.

Noise Engineering has also implemented full MIDI control in the digital core of it. You can set the MIDI CC data here and thus let external MIDI controllers or the DAW control the mixer.

This is not all. With the additional expander modules (Expando Expandi), you can add CV control over everything and dive back into the analog world. You can connect up to two Expando Expandi to Xer Mixa, giving you up to 16 CV inputs. This turns the stereo mixer into a powerful, creative mixing module.

Interestingly, there is no headphone output on the module. That’s a feature I’ve come to expect from a mixer like this.

First Impression

The new Xer Mixa looks like an exciting stereo mixer. The interface is very intuitive and direct. Thanks for the slider layout. It’s not a small module with 32HP but it offers tons of functionality. A lot of what you usually have in several modules, you have here in one. This leaves space for other modules.

Especially the digital aspect and the possibility to save settings in presets is super handy. I’m pretty sure that the module will end up in many live Eurorack setups. Since you can recall settings. in seconds for every performance.

Noise Engineering Xer Mixa will be available in silver or black for $999 in September. Pre-orders are open now and shipping will start on the 6th of September. Plus, NE allows you to flip the module to put the jacks at the top or the bottom. The additional Expando Expandi will be available for $169.

More information here: Noise Engineering

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