Polyend Tracker Mini is available now, is it already Bad Gear?

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Polyend Tracker Mini battery-powered groovebox, initially announced at NAMM 2023, is available now worldwide, is it already Bad Gear?

Looking back at NAMM 2023, the big US music tech event was rather weak, especially in the electronic music sector. No wonder, a month later,  Superbooth 23 took place in Berlin.

One of the biggest news at NAMM 2023 was the announcement of the Polyend Tracker Mini. It’s a portable, battery-operated groovebox based on the first successful Polyend Tracker but with new features like stereo samples, handheld-style operation, etc. It’s been four months since the announcement. This week Polyend officially released the Tracker Mini.

Polyend Tracker Mini NAMM 2023

Since I already covered the Polyend Tracker Mini in detail in April, I wrote an article with all the differences, here is a quick overview of the features.

Polyend Tracker Mini Features

  • Compact, portable, handheld sampler/tracker-style workstation
  • Bright, vivid display
  • 32 gameplay-quality buttons and an easy-to-use workflow
  • Includes 4000+ samples so you can get started immediately
  • Improved audio pathway
  • Upload sample via microSD or sample via line inputs or onboard mic
  • Audio over USB functionality
  • Extensive sample manipulation options
  • Wavetable and granular synthesis-based sound engines
  • Extensive performance features for integration into live sets
  • MIDI-equipped: sequence your hardware or send MIDI in from your DAW + more!
  • Includes 3.5mm type B MIDI adapter
  • Includes 16GB microSD card
  • Bus powered via included USB-A power adapter
  • Onboard battery for up to 8 hours of unplugged performance
  • Includes dedicated hard case for worry-free transportation

Bad Gear Already?

Barely a week out; is it already Bad Gear?


Polyend Tracker Mini is available now for $699/699€.

More information here: Polyend 

Available at my partners 

Perfect Circuit

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  1. That’s assuming this was a good product to begin with, and sadly they are following TE’s business model. And whilst I’m not going to debate the merits of their entire product line, their pricing strategy is designed to fleece the uninformed.

    • Are you kidding? 700 for such a complex machine? Well built and well supported?
      How low can you get?
      They don’t even have a product above 1k$ not even 700$
      If you can spend that on such a complex stand alone workstation blame your job.

        • Perhaps you should consider researching before commenting like a keyboard warrior. Polyend has heavily supported the tracker with free, extensive updates for over four years. Something TE has never done. TE has a palm sized mixer for nearly $2k. If 700 is a lot for you then stick with the Volca range instead of commenting with zero credibility about an excellent company. Get lost kid

          • “Something TE has never done. TE has a palm sized mixer for nearly $2k”. You missed that TE has added tons of features over the last 2 years to this small mixer (sampler, looper, mass storage support, beat tracking from any audio signal…)

            And they gave the original OP-1 after 10 years on the market USB audio interface functionality.

  2. The “bad gear” channel is admittedly no longer about bad gear but any gear people have qualms with.

    He ran out of legit bad stuff while his channel was getting popular so he had to pivot.

    • It was always about gear that people complains about, the only new thing is it usually take some months or years to get to this status

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