Leak: what was Polyend hiding from us on Superbooth 21, a new groovebox?

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With the end of Superbooth 21 last week, the product rumors for the next one start with a leak of a possible new Polyend groovebox. 

The Superbooth 21 is officially over. It was a real festival, thank you, Mr. Schneider. All new products are packed back in their boxes and return to the developers’ sound labs until they are ready for official release.

Even if fewer manufacturers (150) found their way to Berlin this year, there were a lot of new products to discover. Synthesizers, drum machines, Eurorack modules, and more. At the Polyend booth, there was a brand-new product on display for a short time, which is not yet officially out. A Synth Anatomy reader sent me the picture.

Superbooth 21 Polyend leak

Superbooth 21 Polyend Leak

With its tracker, Polyend has revived the era of the tracker in a mobile groove box with many modern features. Including a granular sampler, wavetable synthesis, and more.  If you look at the leaked photo, you can see another compact groove box. Yes, it reminds you a lot of the Synthstrom Deluge at first glance. Mainly because of the many small pad controllers that are supposed to be used here for input and visualization of the sequencer.

But there are clear differences: On the one hand, there is a small display on the left side to visualize the parameters and others. On the other, there are a lot of knobs above the pads. With these, you can probably adjust the engine in detail. Speaking about the engine. Since I only have this picture, I can’t say anything about the built-in engine. We’ll see whether it’s a new one or the super versatile and always growing one from the Tracker groove box with granular sampler, wavetable, and more.

The same applies to the sequencer, connectivity… yes, all these questions can only be answered in detail later during the official announcement/release.

Original Photo

Polyend Leak superbooth 21

It will stay exciting at Polyend. After the Tracker, the next portable groovebox seems to be on its way. Stay tuned for all the details. Don’t forget to check out my complete coverage on the website, and on YouTube with upcoming videos from Superbooth 21.

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  1. Wow was waiting for the last sneek at the end , love when they do that, Looks nice,love the way Polyend are constantly devveoping new creative boxes,

    wow looks like around 16 to 20 knobs,lots of control there, hope it’s got cool tricks derived from there Polyends Seq 8 track, another cool machine,

    it’s exciting to see what they bring to the table next,this looks nice, looking forward to it, another dream another direction, great stuff

  2. Looks like a prototype, 3D printed body and acrylic laser cut faceplate.

    24 or 18 encoders and 20×8 pads (?) is really a lot, and could go down in a refined final design.

    But it already has name, you see? Polyend something, in the same font layout as other products

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