LEP ArpoLoop, a generative analog mini groovebox Synthesizer

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LEP ArpoLoop is a unique generative analog groovebox Synthesizer consisting of six interacting parts as a desktop and Eurorack module.

Italian boutique synth developer LEP is known to some for their special LEPLOOP groovebox. Other products like the multitude small Lumanoise synthesizers are mainly known in the experimental music scene. The latest releases are the Luma Cassa and Multi Cassa.

For more than five years, developer Peppo Lasagna has also been working on the ArpoLoop, a generative analog groovebox. LEP recently published more information and photos on the current development stage of it.

LEP Arpoloop

LEP ArpoLoop

ArpoLoop is not your classic groovebox. It’s a generative analog composer (analog computer) packed with features for creating algorithmic music. It allows you to combine melodies and rhythms to generate evolving tracks. All this is supported by an analog intelligent algorithm, says LEP.

The instrument is a full 60hP, 7U format analog Synthesizer consisting of six distinct parts: a voice board, a ramp generator, a capacitor sequencer, a note generator, a rhythmic generator, and an octave keyboard. Then, LEP promises that they don’t use any digital component like a microprocessor or even CMOS counter IC like CD4040, etc. This gives you a living organic sound with an always drifting charm.

LEP Arpoloop


More precisely, ArpoLoop offers:

  • 4 VCOs with different feature sets
    • VCO 1 and VCO 3 with sine wave with sync and FM
    • VCO 2 with sine wave with FM and VCO4 with sine-square-sawtooth with LFO option
  • 4 cascadable VCAs controlled by envelope generator or ring modulated by VCO4
  • 3 AR envelope generators with 3 modes of operation (gate, repeat, trig)
  • clock generator and 3 ramp generators for general timing
  • 4 rhythm generators to control notes and drums
  • note generator with 2 S&H CV outputs
  • bass drum (CASSA) with pitch, resonance, and distortion
  • snare drum with tom pitch and noise decay
  • 6-channel audio mixer with level and individual out for CASSA, snare, VCA1/2, and VCA 3/4.

Lep Arpoloop


Unlike modern grooveboxes, ArpoLoop will offer a completely different user experience. This is due to the fact that there is no microprocessor or memory in the unit, so you can’t program it in an unusual way.

Instead of programming something and storing it, you interact and play with the generators and sequencers. As you know it from classic analog synthesizers like the Minimoog, which is the epitome of hands-on play.

The developer wants to give the musicians an instrument to capture the moment and not something that has been composed over a long period of time. The experience you have when you explore the magic of a piano. No recorder, no presets, you only hear what you are playing at that moment.  Peppo Lasagna says:

Each time you switch on your ArpoLoop he will respond to your state of mind, letting you compose the music of that moment, this is particularly notable when in our time the music was the first product of human creativity to digitally disappear, thus making the recorded music lose importance.

And the developer also announces that the ArpoLoop voice will be available as a Eurorack synth voice. So the four VCOs, VCAs, and more.

Demos Of Previous Prototypes



First Impression

A very unique approach to developing an analog groovebox. I like the concept and it makes me want more. It remains to be seen how versatile ArpoLoop will be and what it will cost.

LEP Arpoloop is currently in development—price and availability TBA.

More information here: LepLoop

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