Noise Engineering Univer Inter, chainable 8-output USB/MIDI to CV interface module

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Noise Engineering Univer Inter is a new chainable 8-output USB/MIDI to CV interface module which makes working with MIDI data in Eurorack child’s play.

To work with MIDI in Eurorack, you need a converter or so-called MIDI to CV interface. A module that converts MIDI data into CV. The most important are CV, gate, or clock signals. A must-have if you want to work with MIDI.

Noise Engineering has today released the Univer Inter, a new powerful, compact USB/MIDI to CV interface with eight fully-configurable outputs.

Noise Engineering Univer Inter

Noise Engineering Univer Inter

Univer Inter is a new versatile 6HP 8-channel USB/MIDI-to-CV converter module. But it is more than another classic MIDI to CV/gate interface. Hidden behind the front panel is a super brain with many options for customizing the module.

The module has eight user-customizable outputs. According to the Noise Engineering developers, they are over 20 options available for each output and they will come in the future. They also say:

“if you’re looking for a way to bring MIDI into your modular system, you’ll be amazed at the flexibility and ease of use of Univer Inter.”

Univer Inter has many functions that cover everything you need when working with MIDI data, including note CV, gate, clock, CC, aftertouch, and more. Besides this, it can also be your brain for your monophonic or polyphony voices with velocity and aftertouch control. There are also options to synchronize your Eurorack sequencer with your DAW or a MIDI clock.

If that’s not enough in terms of channels, you can chain two Univer Inter modules via their front-panel MIDI ports and a TRS cable giving your eight additional channels. So you get a 16-channel fully configurable USB/MIDI to CV interface.

Noise Engineering ships the module with a free UI app in their customer portable, allowing them to configure the module very easily.

First Impression

A sleek but powerful USB/MIDI to CV interface that is completely customizable and with 8 outputs. Plus chainable. An excellent release in my opinion.

Noise Engineering Univer Inter is available soon for $275.

More information here: Noise Engineering 

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