Superbooth 21: U-he Wiretap, a clever CV signal to trigger converter

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Superbooth 21: U-he premiered its second Eurorack release Wiretap, a module that generates rhythms from your melodic input.

The Berlin company U-he is known to many for its excellent synthesizer and effects plugins. Diva, Zebra 2, Repro … to name just a few. Urs Heckmann and his team are now also making hardware. No big hardware synths but Eurorack modules. The CVilization, a multi-functional module with color-coded user interface, was already shown at Superbooth 2018. In the meantime, the module is available on the market.

The U-he hardware journey continued at Superbooth 21. In addition to the major update for the MFM2 plugin, they announced Wiretap, a new Eurorack module.

Superbooth 21 U-he Wiretap

U-he Wiretap

Wiretap is a two-channel trigger generator/CV-slope analyzer that can you can patch between any pitch CV source and its destination. Wiretap will consider this input information and generates a gate when it recognizes significant voltage jumps. Then, you have separate outputs for different events including rising notes, falling notes, steps, or movements. With this, you can easily transform melodies into rhythms, triggering musical events, without the need for an extra sequencer.

The module doesn’t rely on the concept of classic slope detectors. Instead, it examines the incoming signal for changes in state or motion i.e. it triggers each time the signal starts to rise, fall, move or jump. The gate time is unaffected by the incoming signal. With the knob on the left side, you can adjust the length between extremely short triggers and long gates.

Wiretap also has hold-release envelopes onboard (envelope followers) with a very short attack and an adjustable release. The input signal dynamically determines the hold level. These envelopes can either be triggered by Wiretap’s own gates (normalled to the rising and falling outputs), or by external sources connected to the envelope input jacks.

First Look

I visited the booth of U-he at Superbooth 21 and I got a first look at the new module. A very neat module that gives every system new musical input.


U-he Wiretap premiered at Superbooth 21 and will arrive in Q4 2021 / Q1 2022 for an estimated price of 129€ (aim is under 150€).

More information will follow here: U-he 

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