iceWorks Koshiba, creative iOS AUv3 gate sequencer FX is available now for macOS

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iceWorks has turned its creative iOS AUv3 gate sequencer plugin Koshiba into a macOS plugin (Apple Silicon) with the new free update 1.1.0. 

With the introduction of the Apple Silicon platform, iOS apps can also run on macOS systems. Even more exciting if they have the AUv3 format. This allows developers to bring their iOS plugins to macOS with little effort.

iceWorks/iceGear is currently working on this significant step for its portfolio. After porting the unique synths, it’s now the turn of the FX plugins. Yukawa was the first app, now follow Koshiba.

iceWorks Koshiba macOS iOS

iceWorks Koshiba

Koshiba is a 1-to-1 port of the iOS version and is a free update for all existing users of the mobile version.

It’s a creative 16-step gate sequencer with a creative workflow. Each step of the gate sequencer is synchronized to the DAW beat and can have different volume, pan, filter, LFO, and envelope settings. So you can use it as an inspiring FX processor. There is also a built-in EQ and compressor for additional sound shaping options.

Koshiba is particularly suitable for bringing rhythmic elements into sounds that don’t have them. For example, you can turn a simple synth pad sound into a complex timbre with movement.

With this release, Kajita’s delay/reverb is still missing. But that won’t be long. Thank you, Satoshi for this free update

iceWorks Koshiba is available now for $6,99  on the Apple AppStore. The new update 1.2, with macOS support, is a free update for iOS users. It runs as a standalone and AUv3 plugin on iPhones, iPads, and macOS (Ableton Live, Logic Pro, Reaper…) (Apple Silicon systems).

Important note: Unfortunately, the Mac App Store is known to have a display bug regarding apps already purchased on an iOS device. In this case, you should still be able to continue purchasing and download the app for free.

More information here: iceGear/iceWorks /AppStore

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